Modern Physics Abroad, Summer I ’17, Testimonials

"I had an absolute blast in London, this was directly due to the fact that I was learning an extremely interesting subject, as well as being able to make actual links to historical sites and people which we covered in class. Also, this opportunity gave me a chance to make connections and bond with my fellow class mates, some of whom I would not have done so had this trip not happened. ... It has been the highlight of my experience at West Chester so far!"

JL - 2011

"I just wanted to thank you for an amazing trip! It's definitely an experience I'll always remember. Quantum physics is so fascinating; couldn't have asked for a better teacher to study that abroad with."

JM - 2011

"I really thought it was an amazing trip. From seeing all of the important sites to getting to know everyone outside the classroom, this trip was everything I could have hoped it would be. The only thing I would say is people should be ready to adventure over there. One of the days I had the most fun was when a group of us got lost on the way to the British Museum. We wandered everywhere and saw so many random ridiculous things that we wouldn't see anywhere else. I don't think you could structure it better between class time, group activities, and free time. Thanks so much for a great time!"

DL - 2014
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