PHY240, Summer I ’18, London Attractions

We will visit a number of physics related sights as a group. But there are other reasons that millions of people visit London every year. While we are in this vibrant, international, historic city, we will have plenty of time to visit many of the other attractions and sites.

Below is a list of some well known sights and links to related websites. I have also included some links at the bottom to "tourist" websites you can explore to see if there are any other sites you might be interested in visiting while in and around London.

Sight Description
Hyde Park A public park that was once the royal hunting grounds, this park is home to the Princess Diana Memorial and the long lake called the Serpentine (where Peter Pan lived on the small island!)
Tower Bridge Exhibit Built in the heyday of the Victorian Age, this recognized symbol of London opens regularly to let river traffic pass. You can walk across the top of the bridge, as well as visit the boiler rooms and gear rooms down below.
Platform 9 3/4

Where Harry Potter gets to the Hogwarts Express (at King's Cross Train Station)

Britain VisitBritain website is a great tourism resource.
Fodor's Fodor's London Travelguide
VisitLondon London's Official Visitor Guide
LonelyPlanet Travelguide

*Admission costs are "student costs" where applicable. But note that these are estimates because they are based on the listed admission costs in GBP. The USD prices listed are based on a $1.30/GBP exchange rate.
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