PHY240, Summer I ’18, Group Excursions

We will visit a number of sights as a group. The admission costs of these trips will be included in the overall costs, so you will need no additional money for these excursions (other than money for any souvenirs and/or food and drink at the locations.)

Below is a list of the London sights and links to related websites:

Sight Description
Tower of London Palace, Prison, Castle, the heart of ancient London.
London Eye The Big Ferris Wheel on the River Thames
Westminster Abbey Site of Coronations since 1066, and resting place of many Nobel Prize winners and other well known physicists! (Newton, Faraday, Dirac, Thomson, etc.)
Hampton Court Palace Henry VIII's Palace outside central London.
Stonehenge & Bath, England A stone henge... and the city of Bath with entrance to the Roman Baths
Science Museum

Lots of great exhibitions on science (James Watt & "power", plastics, etc.)

British Museum Artifacts from the history of the British Empire
Greenwich Observatory & Prime Meridian 0 degrees Longitude and an excellent exhibit on time and clocks.

*The following are not "required" per se, but entrance fees will be collected as part of the Program Fees, so considering the fact that you will have already paid for them, you should go. These sights will enhance your visit and should be considered part of the liberal arts part of the international experience. (They are all pretty fascinating places!)

Sight Description
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