PHY240, Summer I ’17, Flights


Travel dates will be:

June 9, 2018 for departure from the USA. Overnight flight with arrival in Europe the morning of Sunday June 10th.

June 30, 2018 for return to the USA from London. (You may be able to return a day early or a day later and save some on your flight, search using "flexible" dates.)

Flights out of Philadelphia are probably the easiest, but flights from New York airports or BWI and/or non-direct flights can reduce the costs considerably!

We will provide more detail about flights once we get closer to our confirmation and departure dates.

I would like EVERYONE to have at least one "travel buddy". Some people have not flown before, so I would like the more experienced travelers to help guide the group through the airport, etc.

Do not book a flight without checking with me first... I want to make sure it arrives at a reasonable time, and that you have the requisite travel partner, etc.

We are planning on making the flights flexible. So, should you wish to stay and travel for a few days after the class is over, you will be able to do so.
Last Updated: 08/28/2017