Modern Physics Abroad, Summer I (2018), Costs

Program fees for the 2018 trip to London are projected to be about $2200 per person (based on 2017 summer cost estimates).

A summary of the total trip cost you will incur to participation will include three types:

1) Tuition and Fees: As for any WCU class, you will have to pay tuition and fees. ~$1134 for in-state undergraduate tuition for this 3-credit class.

2) Flight and Personal Travel: You will be required to book your own flight to our destination. I will provide extensive details about which flights are recommended as we get closer to the trip. If you decide to tack on any personal travel at the end of the trip, you will be fully responsible for any of those expenses.

3) Program Fees: These will cover the excursions, classroom, administrative costs, some group meals, and group travel while abroad.

The Program fees are due as follows:

-$100 CIP (Center for International Programs) Fee. Goes to the University to help run the International Programs. Charged to your WCU account once you click the "Submit Application" button on the on-line application.

-Down payment (~1/2 cost): Due early January 2018. (You can, and are encouraged to, make the full payment at this time as well if you want to get it taken care of early!)

-Balance: Due late February 2018.

This costs does not include flight or tuition. Thus, you are responsible for these as well. I do not include the flight costs here because they can vary greatly depending on your own resources. You will be required to purchase a flight on the class travel dates (June 9, 2018 to June 30, 2018), but you can choose to fly from Newark or JFK airports, or even Washington or another location. Flights from the New York City airports are currently running about $500 less than flights from Philadelphia. You can also use any frequent flyer points or credit card points that you or your parents have accumulated to further reduce the flight cost. Please see the "Flights" page for further details. DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR TICKET UNTIL CONSULTING WITH DR. WAITE ABOUT YOUR FLIGHT!

In addition to the program fees, the normal West Chester University Summer Session Tuition and Fees apply. For a 3 credit class, for in-state students, the tuition and fees for Summer Session 2017 were $1134. Here is a link to the 2017 Winter & Summer Term Tuition and General Fees.

Financial Aid is available, depending on your Aid Package. There is more information at the CIP website so check there first. Then you should contact your financial aid advisor to find out what your package will cover.

Last Updated: 08/28/2017