Modern Physics Abroad, Pictures from 2015

(Jared Arbeter, Haley Buckner, Brett Ellis, Brandon Foster, Joe Glennon, Katlyn Jefferys, Hannah Lane, Brittany McClung, Nick Pachella, Burhan Qaddoumi, Luke Reno, Michael Roth, Bridget Sincavage, Jared Washington, Valerie Woolaghan, and our asistant Cameron Sprowls.)

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Waiting so see the Chruchill War Rooms... a highlight! Gladiators have changed in the past 1000 years... Who knew physics was so exhausting? On the tube from Heathrow to London! Ready to GO!! The women...
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... the men. The group at the Diana Memorial Fountain. Typical rainy London... and only Jared brought an umbrella! Almost everyone is enjoying the Tower and Towe Bridge. Some are even enjoying studying!
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Not your typical alarm clock. Camden Yards market has great food! We found the center of the Hampton Court maze. Everyone at Hampton Court Group selfie... take that Ellen!
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In two hemispheres at once. What do you see Cam? Brandon thinks about what he just saw. Val tries to get a diferent perspective... typical Val. The traditional Chinese dinner in Chinatown.
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Look at the old rocks! What's so funny about old rocks? Does Brett need a bath at the Roman baths? Turn left Jared... then you'll see it. Don't fall in!
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Ther are other people than physicists? Note the pointilism! The big miror building that melted cars. A small boy teaches the gang about London pub life. Great views from the London Eye
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Note Cam clutching the banch in the middle. Everyone else is enjoying the ride! London group selfie! We were way up there! Anyone know what time it is?
Pub crawl... (I did not attend this!)
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