Modern Physics Abroad, Pictures from 2014

(Brandon Bigos, Audree Bonavita, Michael Chaga, Alica Craft, Phil Curtis, Ian DeMenna, Shane Fiorenza, Joe Guidotti, Brenda Heisler, Dan Landgraf, Levi Nicolai, Aaron Payne, Austin Shupe, Cameron Sprowls)

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Ian and a Street Performer in Bath Audree is ready for class! at the Diana Memorial Fountain the first day Fish and Chips Full English Breakfast
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Cam photobombs Audree and Alicia outside the war rooms Abbey Road London buses everywhere! Outside the Astor Quest Hostel Love the London Underground
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Wizards? At the Prime Meridian In Chinatown There's the Tower Bridge (NOT London Bridge!) Stonehenge (1)
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Dr. Waite helps hold up Stonehenge Stopnehenge (2) Levi makes friends wherever he goes! Just waiting on a triain... "Hi, Mom? You're never gonna guess where I'm calling from!"
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Beefeaters at the Tower Off to Hogwarts! Levi goes to meet the Queen "Mind The Gap bwteen the train and the platform..." A day at the Brighton Beach
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Brighton Beach MArket Day in Camden Town By Jove, Sherlock, I think yo've got it! Pip-pip!! At Candeon Market "Is he suppose to be up there?"
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Goodbye England! "It's good to be King!" Physicists in Westminster Abbey Who are those masked men?!? Dan tries to steal the Crown... uh-oh...
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Fish & Chips in an English Pub In Camden Town More Physicists honored in Westminster Abbey Where Churchill engineered the war "What time do you have Alicia?!"
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We love the Underground! Lot's of great museums in London!
Last Updated: 07/31/2017