You'll see all the annoucements and news concerning the course on this page. Also, when there is a major change on the Web page you'll learn about it here.

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Course Annoucements...

11/6/1996 We will meet F2F again on the 21st of November in 418 Main at 5:45pm. Be sure to be up on all assignments and on the reading. Please have your responses to all new assignments completed by the due dates!
NB: I enjoyed last night's class, with the exception of a notable absence or two. Make every effort to attend the F2F sessions regardless of how much online time you are contributing. See you on the 21st.

11/5/1996 Congratulations John Zampitella! John is the first to uncover the secrete word! Good work!

You can find the Father of Sociology on the "Web" page!


10/24/1996 If you have not scheduled a meeting with me please do so ASAP! Our next F2F will be on Tuesday Nov. 5th in M418 at 5:45. At that time I want everybody to have selected the projects they will be doing for a grade and to give me an update on where they are with their work. Also I plan to move all communication to the Web page by that date so get familiar with it soon. I am still looking for those who have found the hidden hot word on one of the pages. Let me know when you find it.

ALSO: Please use the feedback page to respond to the Page. We will use your comments to improve the site.

NB: This is an assignment! See you soon.

10/21/1996 I would like to meet with each of you individually this week to see where you are with things and how best to proceed during the later half of the semester. I have some times listed below. Please schedule about 15 minutes during one of the sessions and e-mail me. No class F2F this week but I will see you individually.

Tuesday October 22

Thursday October 24


Page Updates...

12/2/1996 Virus Attack! My personal system and my personal computer caught virii. My PC was cured in a minute by antivir software, but my PS had to take antibiotics for quite a long time. So sorry for the delays in updates & posting your feedback and comments.

By the way, I'll try to show up for a few minutes at your last F2F so that you can see that I'm no cyber-creature (and I can finally meet you :-))

11/17/1996 The tabs already should work also for people who use AOL or Internet Explorer, in a limited scope also for people with Lynx.

The hidden word's location is revealed since I need to put it away from the page where it was. In 11/21 it's gonna be deleted. Until then you can see what you missed by going to the links and seeing what the cursor does when you point at the empty space below the first paragraph. A link, right? Was it so difficult? As it was stated below, the winner is John Zampitella. I don't know if there's a reward waiting for him at the course instructor. I have a little reward for him, though: John, if you see a pic or two on the 'net you'd like to have on your homepage, send me the URL of the page where it was and I'll put it onto your site. It's silly, but at least something :-)

11/12/1996 No major updates. But check the links-- we've got some life here!

I'm also still working on the scripts. I've never thought they'd be such a pain. Anyway, the work has not stopped. If you ARE curious, you can have a sneak peak at this virtual study room, which is currently under development. Please don't distribute this links as it's going to evolve!

11/01/1996 We went multimedial, since there is a welcome sound file in the About folder. (WCU folks - all the computers with CD-Rom have a sound card. All you have to do is to bring your earphones and plug them into appropriate hole at the bottom of the computer).

Also please note that the name of the Assignments folder definitively changed into 'Work to do', but this scary a*** word still can be used ;-) I'm working intensively on the board scripts, expect big stuff soon! You can see an EXCLUSIVE preview of a post in the Assignment board. It's still missing some features, though.

Some further minor changes were done today.

10/25/1996 Since today you'll see a confirmation note looking like this if your input is successful. So you don't have to worry anymore whether you are getting through. Just a reminder - all the input is sent to Daniel Franc, who will handle it; not to dr. McConatha.

10/24/1996 There will be this little logo 25 in the upper left corner of every page to enable people who don't see the "folders" to open the SOC491 properly.

Bad news: the scripts don't work yet. Good news: we're now two for their debugging ;-)

Also some minor bug fixes were done today.

10/21/1996 Some 'English problems' are fixed thanks to MaryAnne.

10/20/1996 A very detailed Curriculum Vitae of the course instructor was added to the About folder .

10/19/1996 This News folder was added to the SOC491 notebook in order to disseminate a hot new information better.