Site Nr. & Name Site description By... Date

10. Ultimate Band List An alphabatized search tool of musicians' web pages. RRo 11/21/96
9. Unofficial Simpson's Homepage Information regarding the culturally descriptive television show, The Simpsons. RRo 11/21/96
8. k-5cybertrail k-5 kids on the internet EGa 11/21/96
7. The Geography of Cyberspace good geographical description of the geography of cyberspace JZa 11/17/96
6. 24 Hours in Cyber-Space This is a good survey of vitrual society! DMc 11/17/96
5. Discovery Channel - Technology History of Internet MZa 11/17/96
4. VISA Home Page Includes sports info, travel tips, on-line shopping ,etc. MZa 11/10/96
3. Instit. Global Communication Peace, envir., human rights activism worldwide via networking. MZa 11/10/96
2. Sherry Turkle Homepage A well-known Internet scholar. DFr 10/15/96
1. CTHEORY Online journal of theory, technology and culture. DFr 10/15/96