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Unofficial Simpson's Homepage

Comment by Robert B. Ross (RRo)(11/21/96):

"The Simpsons" is among other things, a parody on American culture. This site is excellent if you are a Simpson's "fan" like me, or if your interested in how in depth people can get on their descriptions and analizations of a television show. I'd reccomend checking out some of the Simpsons links given on that page. I've seen in the past a better page that gives twenty page summaries of each episode, citing every cultural/political/entertainment allusion or reference. However, I haven't found this page s ince last year.

Comment by Daniel Franc (DFr)(11/25/96):

I agree wholeheartedly that the Simpsons are good stuff for a sociology page! I'll check out their page later. Just let me tell you that even though the Simpsons are parody mainly for the US culture, they're also extremely popular in my country (the Czech Republic) as well. It's quite a good mirror to the whole Western (and WannaBeWestern) society, I guess.