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24 Hours in Cyber-Space

Comment by DOUGLAS MCCONATHA(11/17/96):

I hope everybody is becoming more familiar with the virtual societies we have been exploring. This snapshot of 24 hours in the virtual relms will give you a way to evaluate your current impressions about Cyber-Space. Please add your comments here using the 'Add a Comment' button. I'm looking forward to seeing your impressions.

Comment by MaryAnne Zampitella on Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 20:29:51

This site makes it difficult not to be overwhelmed by the effects of the Internet on individuals and groups worldwide. The stories presented here represent indivdual triumphs, educational marvels, exciting medical discoveries, and perhaps, more importantly, individuals from all parts of the world sharing ideas and information. This free exchange of information breaks down social and economic barriers and allows people to be accepted for who they are - not judged by the color of their skin, their religion, sex, or politics. It breaks down the diversity among us and strengthens the "sameness", giving people a sense of community. The Internet is growing into many things for many people: a tremendous educational resource for children in every corner of the world; an immense source of research material; a gateway to museums and the arts worldwide; a means of visiting any place in the world; a way of doing business; a means of providing information and current news faster than ever before. Having experienced so much growth already and in such a short time, it's hard to imagine what lies ahead for the Internet, but it seems it will be an important part of our lives and will change communication as we have known it in the past.

Comment by Jeffrey L. Cantlin (JCa) on Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 21:04:25

I have heard of these links a few years back. I believe that sites such as this one creates a large flow of personal information over the net. I do not see this type of information in the same light as I do web pages. Usually all of the information is basically the same. They discuss their hobbies, interests, and give you links to their favorite sites. The 24 hours in cyber-space provides you with real insight into a person's or groups life. I find myself much more interested when reading about some one or some event in this site. It is almost like you are ther with them or hearing the information from a direct source. I think this is an excellent way to let the rest of the world know what you are going through, the concerns you have, or just to show what a day is an average person's life is composed of.

Comment by Kelly A. Nevins (KNe) on Wednesday, November 20, 1996 at 22:18:42

Any skeptics about the internet's personal aspects should definitly visit this link. This link is filled with personal trials, tributes, and everyday experiences. It shows that the internet isn't all business and information, but that it also has a "soft-side". It gives us the opportunity to connect on a personal level with people around the world that we've never met and probably never will. People are relating on the same level as face to face interactions (only it's word to word interactions instead) by sharing similar experinces and situations,or giving support and help when it is needed. I think this is an amazing accomplishment for the internet and will change a lot of people's minds about the internet being impersonal.

Comment by Alicia Wagner (AWa) on Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 19:46:48

The site, 24 Hours in Cyber-space, depicts internet culture in a positive way. The amount of information that can be found here is definitely overwhelming yet seems to have a lot of depth. It relates personal experience and also stories that have made an impact on others as well as having interesting photography and graphics giving it the feel of a distinct sub-culture. There is so much information to be explored within this one site.

This site is what would come to my mind when I would be thinking of internet culture. It has a unique and eclectic feel to it. By viewing this site, you can see the power the internet has in relating and connecting human experience. The internet can connect people from all over the world and break down the barriers and prejudices that society creates and seems to keep between cultures and different people.

Comment by Robert B. Ross (RRo) on Monday, November 25, 1996 at 16:10:22

I just checked out the "24 hrs. in Cyberspace" page. It is very comprehensive, colorful and interesting. It includes many stories of positive effects and uses of the internet. However, the lack of setbacks (from/of) the internet exemplified forces me to take everything there with a grain of salt. Yes, the internet can do many wonderful and amazing things, but, I believe that it is just as important to find and take note of the (possible) negative implications of the internet. By recognizing potential d angers, inequalities, shortcomings, etc., that come or will come with the internet, possibly, we (the world) can make the necessary changes to prevent these calamities. I hate to sound pessimistic, but, like anything, there obviously are and will be some negative latent effects of this powerful medium. I don't know, however, what exactly those negativities are. Does anyone have any ideas?

Comment by John P. Zampitella (JZa) on Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 21:31:46

After viewing a 24-hours in Cyberspace I had several definite thoughts about what the sight ment to me. It made me realize the tremendous amount of diversity that can be brought together via the internet as pointed out on the Swarthmore Collage page with the term 'computopia'. The internet also allows people to express them selves and their views without persecution. It also allows us to learn from each other in a informal setting almost on a personal level. The information presented on the 24 -hours in cyberspace page made it seem as if I were present when these stories were taking place.

Comment by Jodie Bauman (JBa) on Monday, December 2, 1996 at 19:56:12

I think this site is one of the most interseting I've been on yet. It is a very interesting idea. The use of the internet has become a necesity in many lives. When I see this page, and how the internet has helped these people, it gives me great hope of what the future can bring. With the internet changing ever so rapidly, I can only imagine what is to come. The stories of happiness, hope, and love found here are a model for all of us. I had no idea to what extent that the internet was a necesity, but it is obvious that it is more than a research tool, a tie to far away friends, and a pasttime.