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We're glad you are interested in our department image of the dept. building - a pseudo-antic temple :) and the course on the Culture of the Internet. The material you find here is an outgrowth of the work and innovations created by a collaboration between the course instructor and the students in SOC491-01 during the fall of 1996. We would be interested in your impressions of our efforts and please -- come back again to see how we're growing.

The Instructor...

Image of dr. McConatha standing among very high mountains This course is taught by Dr. Douglas McConatha, professor of sociology. Please feel free to look at his CV or you can hear a brief word by him. His office is in 206 in the Old Library which is displayed in the image above. He encourages you to come by and see him, or give him a call to 436 - 3512 !

The Web Page...

This page is intended to be one of the instructional media for the class. We tried to make it interactive, so that the students can collaboratively participate in discovering the Internet realm and its sociological significance.

As for the design, you've probably realized that the page is structured and created following a "student notebook" metaphor. The design is rather unusual for this type of page, but we hope you like it and that it fulfills its purpose efficiently. If you're lost, just look for yellow "post-it" signs announcing a hint. The navigation bar on the right ("folders") never disappears, which should allow you to navigate quickly.

You might also have noticed that this page is relatively graphic intensive. Since we assume most of the visitors will be from the local community we just went ahead with bandwidth considerations. However, since all graphics are optimized for 256 color resolutions the download time should not be so long.

And don't forget to submit your suggestions concerning the page in the Feedback folder!

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The entire site was designed by Daniel Franc (df240707@wcupa.edu), Frederick Douglass Graduate Assistant working on several projects with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (and trying not to fail in his Human Resources Management studies :-))
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