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Here they are! Just look at them, the Netizens of Soc491. They form a great squad that chose to dive into the Internet to explore unknown lands and bring a message from other tribes to the unplugged and unconscious public. They are very brave since they face several dangers: the possibility of going mad from Internet, getting addicted to Internet, or just drowning in the dark depths of Internet.


Jodie L. Baum

Jeffrey L. Cantlin

Elisa J. Garey

Jessica M. Horvath

Kelly A. Nevins

Robert B. Ross

Alicia A. Wagner

John P. Zampitella

MaryAnne Zampitella

Hint: If you click on each name you'll see the person's "mini home-page" where the Net explorers present some info about themselves. When you click on the three character nickname (under which the explorers present all their findings on this site) you'll get a list of every part of the site where they've left their tracks.


 [The End]