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Here you can find a collection of places on the Internet that are interesting from the "sociological" or a common sense point of view. If you're a course student then you're strongly encouraged to include sites that you consider interesting on this list. Just make sure that the site is relevant to the course in some way (you'll be presented a form where you'll be able to outline its significance) and is pornography-free. Also, your comments for sites published by others are welcome!


HINT:When you scroll the frame in the lower part of the screen -- you can resize it so that it's bigger -- you'll see links already contributed. Click on their names and you'll see comments on each of the sites in the window you're reading right now. When you decide to view the site a new window will open with it. At the end of descriptions you'll be presented with an option to contribute either a link or a comment for this existing link (just click on the buttons). Have fun!


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