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Comment by Elisa J. Garey (EGa)(11/21/96):
This site is designed for elementary kids. To help teach them the ways of the internet. As a beginner I found it useful. It also helped me get an idea of the changes that the internet is bringing in education. I think about how at the end of my education the inernet is being introduced to me. Yet, for others they are starting with the internet. So since I can't experience as the kids of today are, this site helps us get an idea of the world being presented to them. (Elisa also posted this comment, possibly not being sure whether the 1st one went through:
Here is an interesting site, it is designed for elementary kids to learn the internet. As a beginer I found it helpful. It is also tells information on how schools are connecting classrooms through the internet. It is a good way to get a little understanding of how young kids are being introduced to the internet world, thus the changes in education.)