[Front page]01/13/96


Go to board!

This is a place for your reactions to anything which has something to do with the course. You may comment on the lecture, the lecturer, the previous class meeting, etc.; you can let your feelings materialize in any (civilized) way. Also your comments regarding the Web page belong here. Not only SOC491 students are encouraged to suggest improvements / report bugs / praise everything, but the whole Internet community is welcome. The form is not just a plain guestbook, but a discussion board similar to one that is used at Assignments. It should enable a discussion - not only for the instructor and web designer to react to your posts, but also allowing you to comment on other posts. Let's hope we're not going to end up in a real bloody Internet flame-war :-) ! Finally, if you're commenting on an assignment please consider posting your input to the assignments board. DON'T comment here on the sites posted in the Links - use its forms instead. Hope it's not too confusing.


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