Dr. Kevin B. Aptowicz
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
West Chester University
Dense Particle Tracking

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The purpose of this site is to share some slightly revised particle tracking code. In particular, changes to the IDL macros bpass.pro, feature.pro, and pretrack programs to improve particle tracking in high-packing-fraction colloidal mediums. For a detailed explanantion of what these codes do, please see Eric R. Weeks's wonderful website.

The limitations of Crocker-Grier code

This This depends on your raw data; in some cases your particles are easy to identify, in other cases you may even have to write special software to identify your special particles. (One person I talked to, I think it was Darren Link, wanted to track defects in liquid crystals, like the image to the right, for example. You'll have to figure out how to locate objects like that on your own.) Most people are trying to track particles that are fairly unambiguous. liquid crystal-like