HIS 511 Instructions for Map Test  

Questions for your map test will be derived from the information in this list. Each row contains a name of a place or natural feature, the modern name of the country or countries where it is located, and a brief description. You need to be able to find all of them on a blank outline map of Africa.

Accra Ghana Colonial-era city
Addis Ababa Ethiopia Precolonial city
Algiers Algeria Precolonial city
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Sudan European colony
Angola Angola European colony
Atlas Mountains Morocco, Algeria Natural feature
Basutoland Lesotho European colony
Bathurst The Gambia Colonial-era city
Bechuanaland Botswana European colony
Belgian Congo Dem. Rep. of Congo European colony
Blue Nile River Sudan, Ethiopia Natural feature
Brazzaville Congo-Brazzaville Colonial-era city
British Somalia Somalia European colony
Buganda Uganda Precolonial region
Cairo Egypt Precolonial city
Cape Colony South Africa European colony
Cape Town South Africa Colonial-era city
Casablanca Morocco Colonial-era city
Conakry Guinea Colonial- era city
Congo-Zaire River various Natural feature
Dahomey Benin Precolonial region
Dakar Senegal Colonial- era city
Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania Colonial-era city
Douala Cameroon Colonial- era city
Drakensberg Mts. South Africa, Lesotho Natural feature
Durban South Africa Colonial-era city
Ethiopia Ethiopia Precolonial region
Freetown Sierra Leone Colonial-era city
French Somaliland Djibuti European colony
French Congo Congo-Brazzaville European colony
Gambia Gambia European colony
Gambia River Gambia, Guinea-Conakry Natural feature
Gold Coast Ghana European colony
Guinea Coast various Natural feature
Italian Somaliland Somalia European colony
Ivory Coast Côte d'Ivoire European colony
Johannesburg South Africa Colonial-era city
Kalahari Desert Botswana, Namibia Natural feature
Kano Nigeria Precolonial city
Katanga Dem. Rep. of Congo Precolonial region
Kenya Kenya European colony
Khartoum Sudan Colonial- era city
Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania Natural feature
Lagos Nigeria Colonial-era city
Lake Victoria Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania Natural feature
Lake Chad Chad, Cameroon, Niger Natural feature
Kinchasa Dem. Rep. of Congo Colonial-era city
Liberia Liberia European colony
Libreville Gabon Colonial-era city
Maputo Mozambique Colonial-era city
Luanda Angola Colonial- era city
Mogadishu Somalia Colonial-era city
Mombasa Kenya Precolonial city
Monrovia Liberia Colonial-era city
Mozambique Mozambique European colony
Nairobi Kenya Colonial- era city
Namib Desert Namibia Natural feature
Natal South Africa European colony
Niger-Benue River various Natural feature
Nigeria Nigeria European colony
Nile River various Natural feature
Nyasaland Malawi European colony
Orange Free State South Africa European colony
Portuguese Guinea Guinea-Bissau European colony
Rhodesia Zimbabwe European colony
Sahara Desert various Natural feature
Sahel various Natural feature
Senegal River Senegal, Mali Natural feature
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone European colony
Sokoto Nigeria Precolonial city
Soudan Mali European colony
Southwest Africa Namibia European colony
Swahili coast various Precolonial region
Swaziland Swaziland European colony
Tanganyika Tanzania European colony
Tangiers Morocco Precolonial city
Timbuktu Mali Precolonial city
Transvaal South Africa European colony
Tripoli Libya Precolonial city
Tunis Tunisia Precolonial city
Ubangui-Chari Chad & Central Afr. Rep. European colony
Upper Volta Burkina Faso European colony
Volta River Ghana, Burkina-Faso Natural feature
White Nile River Sudan, Uganda Natural feature
Yaounde Cameroon Colonial-era city
Zambezi River various Natural feature
Zanzibar Tanzania European colony

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