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Africa To Independence

Fall 2010

What's New?

Nov. 19: Added the names and email addresses of researchers for the final projects to the assignments page

Instructor: Jim Jones
Email: jjones@wcupa.edu; Telephone: 610-436-2168
Office: 519 Main Hall, West Chester, PA 19383
Hours: M-W-F 10-10:45, Thur 3-5:45pm, and by appointment

COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course uses case studies for to examine major themes in the political, social and economic history of Africa from antiquity to independence. It relies on a combination of readings, films, and class discussion.

Students will read a variety of works and see films on African history, conduct independent research using secondary sources, present their findings in written and oral assignments, and demonstrate critical thinking skills during class discussions. Successful students will achieve these departmental learning outcomes: understand the place of Africa in generally recognized historical eras; become familiar with the types of sources available on African history and acquire the ability to critique their use; understand the ways in which different thinkers have formulated their approach to African history; and communicate conclusions in writing and orally based on evidence from primary and secondary sources.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Professor Jones must deliver interesting lectures and facilitate meaningful classoom discussion, maintain regular office hours, create fair assignments and provide written feedback. Students must attend all classes, arrive punctually, complete assigned readings before class, participate constructively in class discussion, and complete all written and oral assignments in a timely manner.

GRADES: Book review (25%), map test (20%), class participation (30%), final paper (25%). For more information about assignments, see courses.wcupa.edu/jones/his511/misc/assign.htm.



CHEATING/PLAGIARISM: Cheating is any act that "defrauds, deceives or employs trickery" in order to obtain credit for work which has not been completed. Plagiarization is the act of "passing off the ideas of another as one's own work." Anyone who cheats or plagiarizes will receive a zero (i.e. a grade much lower than F) for that assignment, and a second offense will result in a final course grade of F and referral to the University's judicial system.

DISABILITIES: We at West Chester University wish to make accomodations for persons with disabilities. Please make your needs known by contacting the professor and/or the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (located in 223 Lawrence Center) at 610-436-2564. Sufficient notice is needed in order to make the accommodations possible.

DISCRIMINATION: West Chester University prohibits discrimination, including sexual harassment, of any individual based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, religious creed, disability or veteran status. This course incorporates the University's commitment to an environment free of discrimunation. Any individual having suggestions, problems, complaints or grievances with regard to equal opportunity or affirmative action is encouraged to contact the Director of Social Equity at 610-436-2433.

SUBSTANCE USE/ABUSE: West Chester University is committed to improving retention, graduation and time-to-degree rates by assisting students during key transitional periods in their academic careers. Because the professor believes that alcohol and drug issues can compromise student success, he has participated in the "Partners in Prevention" training program to learn how to recognize addiction and provide referrals to assistance. If you wish to talk about any of this -- in strictest confidence -- please contact the professor outside of class.


Date Topic Assigned Reading
What is "Africa"?
Sep. 2 African history: sources and methods Film "Village of Gourds"
You can freely drop classes through Saturday Sep. 4 and add them through Sunday Sep. 5 by
going on-line. If you add any class late, you are responsible for ALL earlier assignments.
Sep. 9 Ideas and institutions Bohannon 1-128
Sep. 16 African history in context Bohannon 129-216
Sep. 23 African technology (after MAP TEST) Film "The Tree of Iron"
Islam & Africa
Sep. 30 The Spread of Islam to West Africa Bovill, 1-97
Oct. 7 An eyewitness in Mali all of Hamdun & King
Oct. 14 The Origin of Mali Niane, all
Oct. 21 West Africa after Mali Bovill, 98-251
Europe and Africa
Oct. 28 Overview of the European experience in Africa Bohannan 217-252
Friday Oct. 29 is the last day to drop a class or to complete work from the previous semester.
Nov. 4 Creating colonial Africa - BOOK REVIEW DUE Film: Grand Blanc de Lamborene
Nov. 11 Contesting colonialism Sembene, all
Nov. 18 Gambia from prehistory to independence Wright, 1-183
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Break No class
Dec. 2 Gambia since independence Wright, 183-268
Dec. 9 Review none
Dec. 16 Final paper and discussion 8:30-10:30pm

This syllabus is located at http://courses.wcupa.edu/jones/his511.htm.
Jim Jones' other course web sites are located at http:// courses.wcupa.edu/jones.