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Some Yost Family Genealogy

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West Chester PA 19380
May 2004

Dear Archivist,

Having recently rediscovered an inscribed Yost family Bible, I am now distributing copies of the important pages to local societies with a genealogical interest. This line of Yosts was local to Montgomery County and was descended from Philip Yost. There were a number of other lines from other immigrant progenitors.

I plan to eventually pass the volume on to another descendant of Philip who lives out of state; meanwhile we will share it here in Yost country. The societies listed below will get copies and other suggestions are invited. (NOTE: This web page omits several pages that were presented to the historical societies, but it includes all pages that contain data on Yost family members.)

The enclosed packet includes photocopies of:

1. A two-page letter from Daniel Yost to my father Richard H. Scheffey shortly after RHS discovered and bought the Bible in a Pottstown antique shop in the 1930's for two dollars. Its second page has Yost genealogy as Daniel knew it before seeing the Bible.

2. The Bible's title page (Philadelphia, Kimber & Sharpless, 1825)

3. Two pages of births, one page of deaths and one page with a single incomplete marriage entry. Most events entered occurred before the publication date (i.e. 1825).

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partial marriage listing
Title Page Marriage Entry
records page 1 birth
records page 2 birth
records page 3
Births Births Deaths

Also, be advised that I have placed copies of considerable manuscript material done in Richard H. Scheffey's hand in the historical societies of Montgomery County and Pottstown. It would be found in the family files under Scheffey, Yost, Yerger, Bleim. Hendricks -- all of which are related. Most of RHS's work was done in the 1930's-1940's.

William Scheffey signature

cc: The Heritage Centers or Historical Societies of;
Lower Pottsgrove
Montgomery County
Chester County
Mennonite (Harleysville)
Tri-County (Morgantown)

Mr. Richard H. Scheffey
Pottstown, Penna.

Dear Sir:

When I received your letter in reference to the Old Family Bible which you had discovered I was going on a short vacation and did not find time to answer then.

The Bible will be of great interest to me and I will gladly take the first opportunity to call and see it, and want to thank you for your letter.

I am enclosing data which I think will give you all information regarding the Yost line.

Very sincerely,
Daniel F. Yost signature

Page 2

Philip Yost born May 9, 1718 Hassau, Germany
Married Vernnioa Dotterer of Frederick Township
Children: John, Herman, Anna Catharine, Elizabeth, John Philip, Salome, Barbara, Maria Magdalina, Rachel

John Philip Yost born August 34, 1757
Married Rosina Berenger
Children: Mary, Jacob, Benjamin B., Salome, Tobias, Elizabeth, Rosina, Herman, Jonas, Sarah, Philip.

Benjamin Berenger Yost born December 31, 1787
Married Sara Feather
Children: Isaac F., Benjamin F., Sara, Elizabeth

Isaac Feather Yost born March 3, 1815
Married Rosina Miller
Children: Daniel M., Louisa, Benjamin, Ameliam Salome, Isaac, Philip, Mary Ann, Josiah, Rosina, Rebecca, Emma, Hannah, John R.

Daniel M. Yost born August 37, 1839
Married Hanna Cornelia Feather
Children: Marie Rosina, Daniel F., Henry Lehman, Clara Ella, Walter F.

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