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Notes on articles from the
West Chester State College (Pennsylvania)
student newspaper, 1967

by Jim Jones

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West Chester University was known as West Chester State College from 1960 to 1982, and the student newspaper was called the Quad Angles (later shortened to The Quad in 1967). This file contains notes on some of the articles that were published in the student enwspaper during the school year.

Disclaimer: The notes on this web page are presented AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to their accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. They are intended as a resource for historians, and nothing more. To report an error, make a comment, or contribute o this page, please contact Dr. Jim Jones.


"Mrs. Scott, resident advisor, and Fred Wood, board member, die" in The Quad Angles (October 3, 1967), 1.

Fred Wood died at home on September 22, 1967 at the age of 66. He was president of the West Chester State College Alumni Association from 1959-1961 and a member of the board of trustees from 1939 to 1944. He was reappointed to the board of trustees in 1964 by Governor William Schaefer. He attended West Chester State Teachers College and lived in West Chester for 50 years. He was also the author of a book "Roosevelt as We Knew Him."

Donna Heydt, "Coeds' curfew complaint initiated senior housing" in The Quad Angles (October 10, 1967), 1.

After senior women complained about the curfew in campus dormitories, WSCS created off-campus housing on Dean Street for 54 senior women. In order to participate, a student had to be at least 21 years old, in "good academic standing," and not "have any overt social charges against her." House rules included no alcohol, no male guests, and a sign-out policy monitored by one of the residents who sat at a desk by the entrance each evening. The new housing option was authorized by Dean of Women Bernice Bernatz. Other people who provided input included Assistant Dean Carolyn Spiese, Ann Eshleman (an advisor in the senior house), and Jan Springer (chairlady of the committee that created the proposal). The house's staff will consist of two resident assistants (one named Carol Molineaux) and two graduate students.

"Ramsay Hall Dedication Scheduled for October 26" in The Quad Angles (October 24, 1967), 1.

Ramsay Hall will be dedicated on October 26, 1967.

Editorial "Housing" in The Quad Angles (October 24, 1967), 2.

West Chester State College plans to add 300 additional students for the 1968-1969 school year without providing any additional on-campus housing. The author lists a number of options for accommodating the additional students and argues in favor of "expand the off-campus housing program which, the administration states, `has been, and continues to be, an undesirable practice.' The author observed "it is true that off- campus housing does nothing for campus unity or general convenience. The author rejected four other options including allowing everyone to rent off-campus (currently, one must be 21 or older to do that), make sure that the 300 new students are all commuters (parking is too limited), make every student who lives within 20 miles of campus commute, and make all juniors and seniors live off-campus.

Stephen M. Wargo, "`Fuzz' focuses on 110" in Quad (October 31, 1967), 5

S. H. Burger, the head of "the security police" at West Chester State College handed out 110 tickets for parking violations in September. There policy was to issue "courtesy violations" (up to five per car) during the first week of the semester. The cost of a ticket is $1, which doubles if unpaid after two weeks. After three weeks, West Chester State College suspended the student's driving and parking privileges. The parking area at the corner of New and Church Street was removed to allow the construction of a new building, but additional parking was created at the corner of Church and Sharpless Streets opposite McCarthy Hall, and behind the dining hall.

Bonnie Milus, "Task force passes amendment on off-campus freedom of students" in Quad (November 7, 1967), 1

At a meeting on October 31, a task force passed on its amendment to the Assistant Dean of Students Ronald Gottshall.

"Sigma Tau Gamma first frat recognized by IGA" in Quad (November 7, 1967), 1.

Ronald Gotshall was the sponsor of the first national fraternity on the West Chester State College campus. The president was William Walters, the vice-president was Robert Finly, and the treasurer was Brian Paster. They had 30 pledges.

Bob Noltenmeier, "Cannabis sativa invades campuses -- or Mary Jane makes out." in Quad (November 14, 1967), 1

This is an anti-marijuana article that includes some quotations typical of the era, such as "Does your roommate wrap himself in a sheet, assume a lotus position on the floor, and start smoking marijuana through a Turkish water pipe to the strains of Ravi Shankar?" and "Some people have a tendency to flip out or lose all contact with their environment. It is during this period that many of the murders, suicides and assaults connected with marijuana occur."

Cheryl Myers, letter to the editor "`Lady-like' despite the snow" in Quad (December 12, 1967), 2

A female student complained that despite an all-day snow storm, Dean of Women Bernice B. still prohibited women from wearing slacks to the dining hall.

"Students: Shop here and save, save, save!" in Quad (December 12, 1967), 4

This is a list of West Chester businesses that offer discounts to students with ID cards. They include: W. T. Grants, F. W. Woolworths, Benson's Inc., Click Shoe Store, Briggs Sports Shop, Parkway Cleaners, Orthopedic Shoe Services, Cleo's Restaurant (corner of Gay & High), Vosburgh's (5 N. Church), Willards', Roberts', Joe Eakmann's Outfitters, West Chester Hardware Company, Jake Shur & Sons Army & Navy, The Mansion House Hotel, Thatcher's Pharmacy, Odin's Shoes, Lynwood's Men's Shop, Joe Cialini Smoke Shop, Village FLower Shop, Baldwin Electric Shop, Cee & Ess Stores, John T. Bennett Optician, Lindsay's Western Auto, Rothwell's Office Supply, Warner Theatre, Michael's Hair Stylists, John's Hairstyling Salon, Himelwright's Cleaners (21 S. Church St.), On-Time Cleaners, Goldberg's Furniture, Camera Craft Shops, Yearsley & Sons, Ark Pharmacy (Gay & High).

"Second State College President resigns over Board of Trustees dispute" in Quad (February 12, 1968), 1

After Millersville State College president Robert Christie resigned last month, Slippery Rock State College president Robert S. Carter announced his resignation, citing problems with the Board of Trustees which supports the "status quo" and thereby maintains "mediocrity."

Bill Ondine & Skip Kralik, "The West Chester Co-ed?%#!!?" in Quad (March 5, 1968), 4

This article by two male staffers purports to explain the behavior of female students at West Chester State College. It is misogynistic, and includes cartoons and photos.

"New draft regulations would affect W. C. graduate students" in Quad (March 5, 1968), 7

This article explains the new federal lottery for military conscription.

"Nixon wins or West Chester loses" in Quad (March 12, 1968), 8

A poll of West Chester State College students showed that they favored Richard Nixon over Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 presidential election.

"Cheyney reopened; students demand changes" in Quad (April 2, 1968), 1

Last week, Cheyney State College reopened after student demonstrations closed it for six days when administrators tried to expel a male student "living in a dormitory without authority."

Kathleen Hickey, "Expansion plan for campus adopted by Board of Trustees" in Quad (April 2, 1968), 1

The new West Chester State College enrollment plan calls for 12,500 students by 1985. They also plan to construct 16 new buildings including a new Farrell football stadium to accomodate 18,000 spectators.

"Legislation proposed by Board of Trustees to redesignate West Chester as a university" in Quad (April 23, 1968), 1

No notes taken on this article.

"West Chester student killed in brutal slaughter" in Quad (April 23, 1968), 8

George A. Connelly of Mt. Airy, age 33 with a wife and five children, was found bound and stabbed to death. He was a former Philadelphia public school substitute teacher who worked as a driver for Yellow Cab and attended West Chester State College.

"Petition result of `no positive administrative support'" in Quad (May 7, 1968), 1

Ken Gluckman and Bob Moskowitz circulated a petition in support of opposite-sex visitation rights in dormitory and off- campus housing.

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