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Notes on articles from the
West Chester State College (Pennsylvania)
student newspaper, 1965

by Jim Jones

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West Chester University was known as West Chester State College from 1960 to 1982, and the student newspaper was called the Quad Angles (later shortened to The Quad in 1967). This file contains notes on some of the articles that were published in the student enwspaper during the school year.

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"A.A.U.P. Statement on Academic Freedom Study" in The Quad Angles (April 5, 1966), 1.

The AAUP Statement on academic freedom included a section "IV. Off-Campus Freedom of Students" that said students' off- campus enjoyed the same rights as any other citizen, and they should not be placed in double jeopardy--i.e. penalized by both municipal and college authorities--if they commit an illegal act off campus except "only when the institution's interests as an academic community are distinct from those of the general community should the special authority of the institution be asserted."

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