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Notes on newspaper articles about
West Chester (Pennsylvania) in 1968

by Jim Jones

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This file contains notes on articles that appeared in various newspapers (mostly the Daily Local News) in 1968. They have been edited for punctuation, spelling and grammar by Jim Jones of the History Department.

Disclaimer: These notes were collected for specific research projects. They do not include all of the articles in any issue, nor do they contain all of the information in any particular article. While every reasonable effort was made to insure its accuracy, the information on this website is presented AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. It is intended as a resource for historians, and nothing more. To report an error, make a comment, or submit notes on additional articles, please contact Dr. Jim Jones.


"West Chester May Approve Parking Unit" in Daily Local News (January 3, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

The West Chester Borough Council intends to review the plan of a multi-level municipal parking facility. The discussion will take place with Michigan Architects this upcoming Monday.

"West Chester Bypass Work to Begin Soon" in Daily Local News (January 20, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

It was revealed yesterday that work on the West Chester Bypass will be under way before spring. The construction will widen the West Chester Bypass.

"Parking Lot Protests Due at Council Hearing" in Daily Local News (January 29, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

Tonight the West Chester Borough Council will conduct a meeting on a proposal that will exempt the municipality from the terms of its zoning ordinance. The council is attempting to construct a municipal parking garage.

"West Cheater Zoning Hear Two Appeals" in Daily Local News (February 7, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

The West Chester Zoning Board of Adjustment has taken two appeals. The Zoning Board took these appeals following Monday night's meeting. One of the appeals involves the construction of a 42 unit apartment building.

"West Chester Board Grants Zone Exception" in Daily Local News (February 10, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

The West Chester Zoning Board of Adjustment granted an exception to the Industrial Valley Bank for the construction of a 200 unit complex.

"Fire Damages W. Chester Home; Volunteers are Busy" in Daily Local News (February 17, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

A house at 249 E Market St. was heavily damaged by a fire yesterday. It is estimated that over $3,000 worth of damage was done to the house during the fire.

"Initial Work on W. Chester By-Pass Begun" in Daily Local News (February 20, 1968), 1. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

The two-year program for the improvement of the West Chester Bypass has started. The $3 million program by the Pennsylvania Department of Highways has decided to start the work at the southern end of the Bypass at the Rt. 202 Intersection.

"NAACP List Panel Program on Schools" in Daily Local News (February 20, 1968), 3. [Notes by Nick Jablokov, 2011]

Three colleges in Chester County will head a panel to find the solution to the education problems of negros in the Southern Chester County Schools. One of the panel members is a professor at the West Chester State College.

"Vietnam/GIs" in Daily Local News (March 4, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

Rep. G. Robert Watkins made a formal proposal to Congress that no serviceman should serve more than 12 months in Vietnam. Watkins represents Chester County and parts of Delaware County. This was referred to by the House Armed Forces Committee. Later local Army man was discharge and interviewed by Rep. Watkins

"Vietnam troops sent over" in Daily Local News (March 4, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

3,500 nore troops were sent over to Saigon. New measures have been taken to send troops overseas -- the recall of veterans less the 33 years of age who have served less the 5 years, and the drafting of 18 and 19 year olds.

According to General Westmoreland, the Communist main force is better equipped.

"Building Homes" in Daily Local News (March 4, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

According to the U.S. Controller-General, the cost of building a home can increase if you are not aware of what you want. Changing your mind after construction has begun can cost you hundreds of dollars.

"West Chester Budget" in Daily Local News (March 5, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

A meeting last night on the plans for West Chester State College and the proposal for future expansion of the borough's sewer treatment plant. The board approved a $374,828 budget, retaining the six mill real estate tax rate for 1968. This includes an estimated tax income of $205,966 with $135,466 of that from real estate tax.

A proposal for a West Chester State College athletic building drew questions to the builder on the cubic construction.

A special meeting will be called to further review the sewer plant. This plant will help with the overflow in the surrounding townships.

"U.S. Housing/Civil Rights" in Daily Local News (March 5, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

Open House Provision at a glance. -- The Senate is considering Civil Rights for Housing. The bill will cover 44.6 million housing units and 66% of the nation's housing. This will cover all federally assisted housing with the exception of single family homes occupied by an owner that was assisted with VA or FFIA funds. On December 31, 1970, coverage would extend to multi-units housing and real estate developments. Also, on December 31, 1970, it would extend to single dwellings, single homes sold through brokers.

EXEMPTIONS: Single family owner-occupied homes sold privately are not covered. Nor would religious homes or rooming housing with four or fewer unit.

ENFORCMENT: Federal conciliation (arbitration?) would first be required. If it failed, then a civil suit could/be brought by the buyer or renter who felt he had been discriminated against or an injunction could be granted by the court at the request of the government.

"Ghetto Housing" in Daily Local News (March 7, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

President Johnson's National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorder addressed housing conditions in the "black ghettos" in the American cities. Nearly 2/3 of all non-white families live in central cities. They are in neighborhoods that are marked with substandard housing and general urban blight.

In all U.S. metropolitan areas in 1960, 25% of non-white occupied units were overcrowded. Only 8% of all white-occupied units were in this category. Negros were often asked to pay the same price for housing as the whites, or even pay higher rent than the whites for the same accommodations. Discrimination prevents access to many non slum areas such as the suburbs where good housing existed. This made it possible for landlords to break up apartments for denser occupancy and keep the prices and rent of deteriorated ghettos housing higher than they would be in the free market.

The Commission recommended that the Federal government enact a comprehensive and enforceable federal open housing law. This would, in the next five years, place within reach of low and moderate families 6 million new and existing units of decent housing, beginning with 600,000 units in the next year.

"Senate Rights Bill has open housing section" in Daily Local News (March 9, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

he U.S. Senate passed a bill prohibiting housing discrimination by an overwhelming 61-19 majority. The Dixie rebels and a few conservative cohorts were ready to acccept defeat. The law outlawed only the sale or rental of owner-occupied, single family homes not sold or rented through a broker. An exemption would be made for the sales of one home every two years, and for dwellings of four units or less and religious homes and private clubs.

"Cluster building East Bradford" in Daily Local News (April 1, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

Th East Bradford supervisors considered a proposal for a new zoning district to permit cluster homes -- 'townhomes' -- planned for residential development. In the new zone it will require public water, off-site sewage and maintenance of open space.

Maxwell Knowles of the East Bradford planning commission, who discussed proposals for campsite development adjacent to the Pocopson Bridge and for commercial rezoning of a tract along Lenape Road. Knowles recommended that they both be rejected.

Studies should be conducted by the West Chester Regional Planning Commission.

"West Chester Bypass" in Daily Local News (April 8, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

The on-ramp to the West Chester Bypass was closed at the southbound Wilmington Pike entrance leading out of West Chester. No details were provided by State Highway Department.

"East Goshen Building Set" in Daily Local News (April 10, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

A contract totaling $94,095 was awarded last night for the construction of a municipal building in East Goshen Tonship. The project will begin in 10 days and will be completed in 150 days. It will be completed by Russell and Armstrong from Coatesville. A bond was placed for $100,000 which is due to mature in October 1975.

"Willistown Twp. Zoning" in Daily Local News (April 10, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

A two and a half hour meeting of the Willistown ownship supervisors dealt with 2.34 acres of land that has prompted concerns from the Martin and Vodge families. The township wants take the property its own use. The land owners will testify at a hearing on December 19th.

This issue was heard by two members of the board of supervisors. W. Cooper Willits is the chairperson of the board of supervisors. The zoning requires a minimum of 4 acres. The owners filed their first appeal in April 1961. Many different engineers and contractors attended the meeting in efforts to work out an agreement. The lawyer representing the family was also in attendance.

Mr. Levine an planning cinsultant from Drexel Hill stated that the lower 2/3 of the southern area is not sustainable for existing subdivision development. The RU-1 zoning district was originally zoned for 4 acres. There was also a provision in the ordinance to allow pacels of two or one acre to allow regulation for open space. This would apply to cluster development and 20 or more acres. A question was asked if the township has reached saturation within the RU-1 zoning.

The meeting on this matter was postponed until a later date.

"West Bradford Road Project" in Daily Local News (April 10, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

The Bituminous Service Co. bid under by $4,000.00 to reconstruct .7 miles of road in West Bradford Township. The supervisor held off on the project pending a decision about the best method of construction. The funds are available and approved by the State Department of Highway. The supervisor also passed a resolution to include the words "all" and "new" so it would read "all new streets in the township" in the present ordinance, which defines the minimum right of way for state roads at 70fett and all other roads, including subdivision roads, at 50 feet.

"East Bradford Zoning" in Daily Local News (April 10, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

The East Bradford supervisors meeting was postponed because the date was incorrectly advertised and this would result in the people not being able to speak on the subject. hey were to consider a proposal that called for an "A-l" zone encompassing a portion of the Radley Run subdivision.

"East Bradford Zoning
Daily Local News

East Bradford approved the creation of an "A-1" zoning district to allow up to six townhomes per 2 acres. This cluster zoning will encompass the Radley Run community. This also runs with the open space zoning.

Apartment Zoning" in Daily Local News (June 11, 1968). [Notes by Deitra DiMideo, 2011]

The Tredyffrin Township supervisros approved the request by Glen Hardie Farms for a change from R-l residential zoning to OA (office apartments) so they can build 32 two-story building containing 482 apartments on a 40 acre tract on the East side of Valley Forge Rd.

The construction of the apartments will have a much larger economic impact than the 48 single family homes permitted under the old zoning.

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