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Notes on newspaper articles about
West Chester (Pennsylvania) in 1965

by Jim Jones

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This file contains notes on articles that appeared in various newspapers (mostly the Daily Local News) in 1965. They have been edited for punctuation, spelling and grammar by Jim Jones of the History Department.

Disclaimer: These notes were collected for specific research projects. They do not include all of the articles in any issue, nor do they contain all of the information in any particular article. While every reasonable effort was made to insure its accuracy, the information on this website is presented AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. It is intended as a resource for historians, and nothing more. To report an error, make a comment, or submit notes on additional articles, please contact Dr. Jim Jones.


"Educator Is Removed From Board at College" in Daily Local News (January 4, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

Republican John H. Tyson, a board member since 1963 at WCSC was removed from his position by Governor William Scranton. Tyson was appointed by Scranton in 1963. No explanation was given for dismissal which came as a shock to Tyson as well as other board members. Joseph Saltzman of Marcus Hook will fill his position.

"Firing of Tyson Is Linked to Part-Time Job" in Daily Local News (January 15, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

It was declared yesterday that the removal of John Tyson was due to a "conflict of interest". Tyson works 3 days a week for the State Department of Public Instruction. This job was considered as conflicting with the baord's interests. Tyson, however, felt that if anything his job allowed him a greater understanding of higher education in PA and was therefore helpful.

"Legislators Hear College Officials Outline Problems" in Daily Local News (January 15, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998, and Lauen Glassey, 2011]

A presentation was made to 12 state legislators on WCSC's role in PA Higher Education. According to Dr. E. F. Sykes, college president, WCSC enrollment increased 114% from 1950 to the present, and without more facilities, there is no room for more students. He cited the pressing need for expanded facilities, broadened programs, and more autonomy. Sykes also pointed that WCSC's enrollment was not increasing as greatly as other state colleges due to insufficient facilities. The legislators promised to give careful consideration to the needs of all 14 state college's with particular emphasis on West Chester State.

"New trustee Makes Vow To Serve College" from Daily Local News (January 22, 1965), 1. [Notes by Lauren Glassey, 2011]

Joseph Saltzman is now the new member of WCSC Board of Trustees. He replaces John Tyson.

"College Board Head Hits Faculty Senate for Resolution on Building" in Daily Local News (January 22, 1965), 1. [Notes by Lauren Glassey, 2011]

The new building [dining hall] will be named after former Governor David L. Lawrence. The debate was over why the building should be named after a public official when all other buildings are named after someone who provided direct service to the college.

"Governer Hikes College Grants" in Daily Local News (January 26, 2011), 1. [Notes by Lauren Glassey, 2011]

WCSC is ranked second on the appropriation list for the 12 state-owned colleges.

"Sykes Urges University Status for W. Chester State in Future Plans" in Daily Local News (January 29, 1965), 1. [Notes by Lauren Glassey, 2011]

WCSC President Earl F. Sykes poses that gaining University status will increase local autonomy, allow the school to offer more diversified programs, and other various opportunities.

Daily Local News (March 8, 1965) [notes by Chris Clancy 2011]

A peaceful protest was held outside the West Chester courthouse to protest police brutality in Mississippi and Alabama. Two of the leaders of this protest were James Morris (pastor of Grove Methodist Church), and Anderson Porter (pastor of the Second Presbytarian Church of West Chester, and vice president of the NAACP)

Daily Local News "Urges Examination" (April 16, 1965) [notes by Chris Clancy, 2011]

The Human Relations Council asked firms in West Chester to look at which departments in their firm had no negro workers, and try to hire a qualified African American.

"Health Education Workshop Begins at State College" in Daily Local News (July 3, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

The community-school health education workshop at West Chester State College is currently underway. Special events will take place all next weekend including a discussion on the implementation of school lunch programs at state and local levels.

"Coed's Screams Scare Attacker at State College" in Daily Local News (July 7, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

A college girl was approached by a young man on West Chester State College campus behind the tennis courts at Rosedale Ave. and Rsolyn Ave. at 11:45am. She began to scream after the assailant struck her and made advances. He then fled into the wood.

"Area College Receive Equal Opportunity Funds" in Daily Local News (August 16, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

Under the Equal Opportunity $44,820 has been given to West Chester State College. This amount was the largest of the 3 Chester County college.

"Car Fire" in Daily Local News (August 24, 1965), 2. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

Eleven firemen of the First West Chester Fire Company responded to a car fire at 8:30am near High St. and Rosedale Ave. The firemen were in service 15 minutes

"West Chester State Expects Record Enrollment" in Daily Local News (September 7, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

West Chester State College will begins the 1965-66 academics year with 4, 000 full-time undergraduate, the largest enrollment in the college history. There is an additional 850 part-time students and 1, 000 graduate students, as well as 53 new professors.

"Student Finds Parts Missing From His Car" in Daily Local News (September 18, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

A thief removes the carburetor, air cleaner, fuel line, and radiator from the 1965 automobile of a West Chester State College student. The car was parked overnight near the college's Farrell Stadium.

"College Dorm Bids Come In Over Allocations" in Daily Local News (September 23, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

The General State Authority received unofficial low bids for a 6-story women's dormitory to house 400 students. The bids totalled $1,746,813 exceeding the state allocated amount of $1,595,000.

"West Goshen Agrees to Aid College in New St. Project" in Daily Local News (October 7, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

West Goshen Township supervisors agreed to honor a request from West Chester State College for assistance in obtaining funds to widen S. New St. which will lead to the college's proposed football fields. The board agreed to request funds from the state tax refunds to widen the road. The college would be responsible for securing the right-of-way for the road as well as for construction costs.

"Dr. Jim Bonder, College Coach, Is Fatally Stricken" in Daily Local News (October 9, 1965), 1. [Notes by Alease Gardler, 1998]

Dr. Jim Bonder, head football coach at West Chester State College died after a heart attack struck him while on the sidelines at Farrell Stadium. Dr. Bonder had worked with the college since 1945.

Daily Local News "Rights Speaker Sarah-Patton Boyle Speaks to a Large Crowd Outside of the Church of Holy Trinity in West Chester Last Night" (November 23, 1965) [notes by Chris Clancy 2011]

Holy Trinity Church hosted a guest speaker who talked about the problems of segregation, and emphasized the need for peace between Blacks and Whites.

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