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Polk's 1932-33 West Chester Borough Directory
Selected introductory matter

compiled by Jim Jones

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Polk's West Chester Directory, 1932-1933 (Philadelphia: R. L. Polk & Co., Publishers, 1931),
located in the library of the
Chester County Historical Society, 225 N. High Street, West Chester, PA 19380.

Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private Citizens, a Street and Avenue Guide and Much Information of a Miscellaneous Character; also a BUYERS' GUIDE and a Complete Classified Business Directory

PRICE $8.00
R. L POLK & CO., of Philadelphia, Publishers
401 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, Pa.
524-528 Broadway New York, N. Y.


Member Association of North American Directory Publishers
Copyright 1931 by R. L. Polk & Co. of Philadelphia.

Page 2

National Bank of Chester County
GEORGE HEED, Vice-President
HERBERT P. WORTH, Vice-President
JOS. F. HILL, Cashier
WM. P. MORRISON, Asst. Cashier
W. E. POWELL, Asst. Cashier
J. COMLY HALL, Asst. Cashier
I. N. EARL WYNN, Trust Officer


Modern Commercial Banking for Individuals and Corporations
3 Per Cent Interest Paid on Special Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes in Modern Vault, Electrically Equipped Against Burglary

Acts as Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Guardian of Estates, and in all Fiduciary Capacities


Page 3

The First National Bank of West Chester

Capital ..................... .$200,000.00
Surplus and Profits............. 510,000.00

3% Compound Interest Paid on Deposits

Acts as Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Guardian, Corporate Trustee, Etc.

For rent in modern vault $1,000,000.00 in Burglary Insurance for protection of box holders

ARTHUR P. REID. President
J. HARRY THOMAS. Asst. Cashier
GEO. NEWLIN, JR., Asst. Cashier
CHARLES B. SMILEY, Asst. Cashier
A. M. HOLDING, Counsel


Page 4

Amelia J. Donald (33)
Assn. of No. Amer. Dcty. Pub. (X)
Baker's Beauty Shoppe (27)
Battin Motor Co (26)
Biehn's Shoe Store (right top lines and 35)
Board of Trade of West Chester, Pa (4)
Brubaker Claude S. (front cover and 31)
Chester County Trust Co. (front cover)
Clompus I.M. (backbone)
Daily Local News Co. (right top lines)
Darlington's West Chester Dairy (Y)
DeHaven's Drug Store (back cover and 30)
Dime Savings Bank The (27)
Electrik Maid Bake Shop (27)
Famous Harold A. (back cover and 31)
First National Bank of West Chester (3)
Fruit Growers of Chester County, Inc. (30)
George Norman D. (33)
Hicks Funeral Home (31)
Highland Dairy Products Co. (right top lines)
Himelright Raymond S. (28)
Ivins S. I. & Son (34)
James Bros. (35)
Jones David (34)
Jones & Gurskey (35)
Launi Martin (38)
Lewis & Ogborn (32)
Mansion House Hotel (top lines and 32)
Margolf William (32)
McCormick & Cotter (28)
Morris Nurseries The (34)
Mostellors, Inc. (29)
National Bank of Chester County & Trust Co. (2)
Pagnotto Joseph (29)
Palmer Geo. J. Co. (35)
Polk R. L. & Co. (Y)
Folk's Bankers Encyclopedia (back cover)
Schramm Inc. (right top lines and 26)
Shank Thomas A. (front cover and 33)
Sharples Separator Co. (Y)
Smith J. B. & Son (left top lines)
Taylor Samuel W (32)
Thatcher's Prescription Pharmacy (30)
Thomas G. Horace (26)
Trentacarlini Antonio (29)
Turk's Head Garage (26)
Vilsack-Smith Inc. (29)
Wahl Fred J. (34)
Walter T. Edgar (27)
Weaner Howard H. (30)
West Chester Laundry (33)
West Chester Millwork Co. (front cover and 28)

Page 10


THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is included in pages 209 to 246. This department lists the various manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epitome of the business interests of the community. "The Directory is the common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no small part in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Directory than through any other medium."

Municipal Publicity

The directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the community, depicting in truthful terms what it has to offer as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. To broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the directory in Directory Libraries, where they are readily available for free public reference, and serve as perpetual and reliable advertisements of West Chester, for business men, everywhere, realize that the directory represents a community as it really is. There are more than 500 of these Directory Libraries, installed and maintained in the chief cities of the U. S. and Canada through the courtesy of members of the Association of North American Directory Publishers, under whose supervision the system is operated and of which R. L. Polk & Co. is a member.

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those progressive business and professional men who have demonstrated their confidence in the directory as an advertising medium, with assurance that it will bring a commensurate return.

R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers.

Page 11

WEST CHESTER Statistical Review
(Courtesy Board of Trade of West Chester)

Form of Government -- Councilmanic (borough).
Population -- 12,325 (1930 U. S. Census).
Area -- 1 square mile.
Altitude -- 450 feet.
Climate -- Mean annual temperature, 52 degrees F.
Parks -- 2, with total of 15 acres.
Assessed Valuation -- $12,082,420.
Borough's Bonded Debt -- $363,800.
Financial Institutions -- 4 banks and 1 trust company, with total deposits of more than $9,500,000.
Churches -- 20, leading denominations.
Industry -- 11 manufacturing establishments, employing 2,600 workers, and having products valued at $7,000,000 annually. Principal manufactured products: Air compressors, gas engines, shipping tags, auto radiators, crayons, separators, hosiery and mushrooms.
Trade Area -- Retail area has radius of 10 miles, and population of 15,000.
Newspapers -- 1 daily.
Railroads -- Pennsylvania.
Amusements -- 3 theatres, with total seating capacity of 2,600 persons.
Hospitals -- 3, with total of 327 beds.
Education -- Institutions of higher learning include State Teachers College and St. Aloysius Academy. 5 schools, including 1 high and 1 parochial. Number of pupils in public schools, 2,200; in private, 550.
Volumes in Public Library -- 21,400.
Borough Statistics -- Total street mileage, 30, with 25 miles paved. Miles of gas mains, 35, and of sewers, 30. Volunteer fire department, with 12 pieces of motor equipment, in 3 station houses. Police department has 12 men, with 1 station.

Page 12

Copyright, 1931, by R. L. Polk & Co. of Philadelphia

Miscellaneous Information

For information not found in this department see regular Alphabetical Section or under proper headings im the Classified Business Directory


Municipal Bldg, 15 S. High


Chief Burgess -- Geo J Britton
Borough Solicitor -- Guy W. Knauer
Finance Committee -- The Entire Council
Council -- J Paul MacElree pres; Fred J Wahl sec; John B R Heed, Jos W. Belt, Geo S. Dewees, Geo E. Brinton, Walter T Kerwin, Benj V Thorn
Borough Treasurer -- M Minerva Davis
Borough Assessor -- T Parke Hayes
Tax Collector -- Harold D Hood
Borough Engineer -- Thos G Colesworthy
Comptroller -- Geo J Newlin
Water Commissioner -- Lawrence Reagan
Highway Commissioner and Sewer Supt -- Lawrence Reagan
Chief of Police -- Edwin P Darlington
Chief Fire Department -- Geo J Moses
Tree Commission -- Herbert P Worth, Warren F Mitchell, Jas A McGrogan
Justices of the Peace -- R Jones Patrick, Henry R Guss
Board of Health -- D E. Hickman pres; W. A Limberger sec; Enoch P Hershey health officer; T Edgar Walter, Norris S. Ingram, Geo M Huey members, meets first Thursday each month at Municipal bldg

School Board
Officers of the Board -- Dr S. LeRoy Barber pres; Mrs J Carroll Hayes v-pres; Henry B Coleman treas
Board of Directors -- Dr S. LeRoy Barber, Mrs J Carroll Hayes, Henry B Coleman, Dr J Oscar Dicks, Mrs Alice Scattergood, Rodney Jefferis, N. Harlan Slack. Meets third Monday of each month at 8pm at High School Bldg, Church and Washington
Superintendent -- Walter L Philips

Page 13

Secretary to Superintendent -- Margt Wolfangle
Attendance Officer -- Fred Heed jr
School Physician -- Dr Harry A Rothrock
Dental Hygienist -- Mildred C Carl

Public Schools
Biddle Street School -- 315 N. Church. Eliz N. Peirce prin; Wm Sweney janitor
Gay Street School -- 108 E. Gay. Jos R Fugett prin; Jesse Reece janitor
High Street School -- 410 S. High. Lucy I Smedley prin; Chas Nesbit janitor
West Chester Public High School -- 311 N. Church cor Washington B Reed Henderson prin; Eliz N. Pierce asst prin, Florence E. Schmidt librarian; Eliz M Hause dean of girls; Geo Buxton janitor

Fire Department
Chief -- Geo J Moses
Assistant Chiefs -- Geo R Guss, Wm Underwood, Ralph Watson
West Chester Fire Co No 1 -- 26 N. Church bet Gay and Market. Organized August 6, 1799. Membership 400. Wm B Ingram in charge. Equipped with a 750 gallon American LaFrance pump and a 160 gallon chemical
Good Will Fire Co No 2 -- 36 E. Gay. Organized January 9, 1833. Incorporated July 27, 1845. Membership 350. Chas J Adams in charge. Equipped with 750 and 600 gallon American LaFrance pumpers
Fame Fire Co No 3 -- 33 E. Market. Organized February 22, 1838. Membership 750. Ralph Watson in charge. Equipped with an American LaFrance hook and ladder truck and 450 gallon pump

Fire Alarm System
Number and Location of Boxes

11 -- Chester County Hospital
12 -- Biddle and High
13 -- Biddle and Franklin
14 -- Chestnut and Franklin
15 -- Market Street Station
16 -- Walnut and Chestnut
17 -- Sharples Separator Works
18 -- Gay and Adams
19 -- Homeopathic Hospital
21 -- Church and Barnard
22 -- Price and Darlington
23 -- Union and Wayne
24 -- Miner and New
25 -- Normal School
26 -- Union and Darlington
27 -- Miner and Brandywine
28 -- High and Magnolia
31 -- Miner and Matlack
32 -- Miner and Franklin
33 -- Matlack and Lacey
34 -- Union and Walnut
35 -- High and Fields
36 -- Franklin and Union

Page 14

41 -- Market and Darlington
42 -- New and Gay
43 -- Washington and Darlington
44 -- New and Lafayette
45 -- Virginia av and Churell
46 -- Assembly Building
47 -- Walter Cadillac Garage 51 Maple av and Convent

Police Department
Headquarters, Municipal Bldg, 15 S. High

Chief -- Edwin P Darlington
House Sergeant -- Edgar T Jackson
Officers -- Jerome J Monaghan, Chas B Dorsey, Chas Margerum, Michl Martin, Wm P Brennan, Abr Moeteller Jr, Wm Gill, Howard Heed and Abner Glisson

Court House, 10 N. High


President Judge -- J Frank E. Hause
Judge Wm Butler Windle

Court Attaches
Court Stenographer -- W. Hallowett Lewis
Court Crier -- Danl I Ford
Tipstaves -- David F Barry, Chas B Marshman, Winfield Bond
District Attorney -- John N. Guss, 2 W. Market
Asst District Attorneys -- Philip J Reilly, Raymond B Reid
Stenographer -- Helen A Meara
Clerk of Courts -- Wm H Moore
Deputy -- Gertrude Chandler
Sheriff -- Howard S. Green
Deputy Sheriffs -- John Johnson Jr, Aldus M Seldomridge
Probation Officer -- Deborah P Warrington
Juvenile Detention Home -- 228 W. Gay. Mrs Lucy Masterson matron; Helen Gallagher asst matron
Prothonotary -- W. Perry Tyson
Dep Prothonotary -- J Ira Woodward
Clerk -- Mrs Mae T LaRose
Jury Commissioners -- David Valentine (Downington), Francis K Moran (West Chester), Howard S. Green (Willistown)

County Prison
235 W. Market

Warden -- Edwin H Musser
Matron -- Mrs Anna G Musser
Deputy Warden -- John L Glower
Asst Keepers -- Geo S. Lumis, Frank 3 Riley, John P Fitch
Watchman -- John H Senior, Barrett Anderson
Physicians -- Dr John L Johnson, Dr G O Ghalfont
Clerk -- Mabel H James


Commissioners -- John C Brock pres; Harry S. Hause sec; N. C Kane chf clk; Harris R Butler member; Howard W. Troutman atty

Page 15

Treasurer -- Alger C Whitcraft,, John L Clover depy; Harvey W. Krauser asst depy
Controller -- Edw J Breece, John Pearson depy
Recorder of Deeds -- Geo W. Klenk, Saml W. Dengler, Harry J Longacre, R Marie Peoples depy clks
Register of Wills -- W. Penn Hoopes; Margt C Hubbard, Llewellyn Chandler depys
Surveyor -- Thos G Colesworthy, Geo Regester asst
Directors of Poor -- Florence B Cloud, Wilmer B Cox, Chas L Huston
Coroner -- Herbert C Ford, A C Bishop, Pennock Holton depy coroners
Health Officer -- Victor H deSomoskeoy
Sealer of Weights and Measures -- J Foreman Cox, Jos Springer asst
Superintendent of Schools -- Clyde T Saylor
Farm Agent -- Jos S. Oberle
Law Library -- Martin C Welsh librarian
County Home -- Embreeville, Pa., Wm B Passmore steward
Hospital for Insane -- Embreeville, Pa, Dr A W. Gottachall supt

Capitol, Harrisburg, Pa


Governor -- Clifford Pinchot
Lieutenant Governor -- Edw C Shannon
Secretary to Governor -- P S. Stahlnecker
Secretary of the Commonwealth -- Richd J Beamish
Attorney General -- Wm A Schnader
Auditor General - Chas A Waters, depy S. Dan Brown
Secretary of Revenue -- Clyde L King
Secretary of Internal Affairs -- Philip H Dewey, depy Jas H Craig
State Treasurer -- Edw Martin, asst treas M Clyde Sheaffer Secretary of Banking -- Wm D Gordon
Superintendent of Public Instruction -- Jas N. Rule
Adjutant General -- Genl David J Davis, depy Jere M Leaman
Secretary of Labor and Industry -- A M Northrup, dep sec Charlotte Carr
Insurance Commissioner -- Chas F Armstrong, dep comr Chas T Graff
Secretary of Agriculture -- John A McSparran, dep sec Willard Hagar
State Veterinarian -- T Edw Munce, dep H R Church
Secretary of Mines -- Walter H Glasgow
Secretary of Highways -- Saml S. Lewis, chf eng Saml Eckels Commissioner of Motor Vehicles -- Benj G Eynon
Superintendent of State Police -- Lynn G Adams, depy supt Cecil M Wilhelm
Secretary of Forests and Waters -- Lewis E. Staley
State Forester -- John W. Keller
Chief Engineer Water Service -- Chas E. Ryder
Secretary of Health -- Theo B Appel, dep J Bruce McOreary
Chief Bureau of Vital Statistics -- Wm Emlyn Jones

Page 24

-- When You Want to Know:
-- where a person lives.
-- what his occupation is.
-- who lives at a certain number on a street.
-- where a street is located.
-- the correct spelling of a name.
-- the officers of a corporation.
-- the partners in a firm.
-- the solution to any of scores of problems that pop up unexpectedly to annoy and baffle you.
-- you can quickly find the answer in the City Directory.

Page 36


acct: accountant
adv: advertising
agri: agricultural
agt: agent
al: alley
Am: American
appr: apprentice
apts: apartments
arch: architect
asmblr: assembler
Assn: Association
asst: assistant
atndt: attendant
atty: atorney
auto: automobile
av: avenue
bdg: boarding
bet: between
bgemn: baggageman
bkbndr: bookbinder
bkpr: bookkeeper
bldg: building
bldr: builder
blk: block
blksmith: blacksmith
blrmkr: boilermaker
blvd: boulevard
br: branch
brklyr: bricklayer
brkmn: brakeman
cabtmkr: cabinetmaker
capt: captain
carp: carpenter
cash: cashier
Ch: Church
chauf: chauffeur
chf: chief
civ: civil
clk: clerk
clnr: cleaner
collr: collector
coml: commercial
comn: commission
comnr: commissioner
compt: comptometer
cond: conductor
conf: confectioner
cons: consulting
contr: contractor
cor: corner
corres: correspondent
ct: court
ctr: cutter
del: delivery
dep: deputy
dept: department
dicta: dictaphone
dispr: dispatcher
dist: district
div: division
dlr: dealer
dmnsr: demonstrator
do: ditto or same
dom: domestic
dr: drive
drftsmn: draftsman
drsmkr: dressmaker
e or E: East
elec: electrical
electm: electrician
electro: electrotyper
elev: elevator
embdr: embroiderer
emp: employe
emp agcy: employment agency
eng: engineer
engr: engraver
es: eastside
est: estate
exch: exchange
exp: express
expmn: expressman
fcty: factory
flgmn: flagman
fnshr: finisher
formn: foreman
forwmn: forewoman
frt: freight
ft: foot
ftr: fitter
furn: furniture
furn rms: furnished rooms
furngs: furnishings
gsftr: gasfitter
gdnr: gardener
gds: goods
genl: general
govt: government
gro: grocer
h: householder
hairdrsr: hairdresser
hd: hand
hdgrs: headquarters
hdw: hardware
hlpr: helper
hngr: hanger
hosp: hospital
hsekpr: housekeeper
Hts: Heights
implts: implements
imptr: importer
inc: incorporated
ins: insurance
inspr: inspector
instr: instructor
int rev: internal revenue
jr: junior
jwlr: jeweler
kpr: keeper
lab: laborer
lbr: lumber
lieut: lieutenant
lino: linotype
litho: lithographer
lndrs: laundress
lndrymn: laundryman
ltd: limited
mach: machinist
mdse: merchandise
mech: mechanic
mechl: mechanical
mer: merchant
Met: Metropolitan
mfg: manufacturing
mfr: manufacturer
mgr: manager
mkr: maker
mkt: market
mldr: molder
mlnr: milliner
mn: man
mono: monotype
msngr: messenger
mstr mech: master mechanic
mtrmn: motorman
mus: music
mus tchr: music teacher
mut: nutual
n or N: North
Natl: National
ne: northeast
nr: near
ns: northside
nw: northwest
@: property owner
opp: opposite
opr: operator
osteo: osteopath
pass: passenger
pat: patent
pdlr: peddler
pharm: pharmacist
photog: photographer
phys: physician
pk: park
pkr: packer
pkwy: parkway
pl: place
plmbr: plumber
plshr: polisher
plstr: plasterer
pntr: painter
PO: postofflce
PS: Public School
pres: president
prin: principal
prod: produce
prof: professor
prop: proprietor
prov: provisons
prsfdr: pressfeeder
prsmn: pressman
ptmmkr: patternmaker
pub: publishing
pubr: publisher
purch: purchasing
r: resides or rooms
R C: Roman Catholic
rd: road
RD: Rural Delivery
real est: real estate
rec: receiving
rep: representative
reprmn: repairman
restr: restaurant
ret: retail
Rev: Reverend
Ry: Railway
RyMS: Railway Mail Service
s or S: South
san: sanitary
sav: savings
sch: school
se: southeast
sec: secretary
sergt: sergeant
ship: shipping
slsmgr: salesmanager
slsmn: salesman
slswmn: saleswoman
smstrs: seamstress
soc: society
solr: solicitor
spl: special
sq: square
ss: southside
sta: station
sta eng: stationary engineer
sten: stenographer
stereo: stereotyper
stmftr: steamfltter
str: setter
supt: superintendent
supvr; supervisor
sur: surgeon
sw: southwest
swtchmn: switchman
tchr: teacher
tel: telephone
teleg: telegraph
ter: terrace
tmkpr: timekeeper
tmstr: teamster
tndr: tender
trans: transportation
trav: traveling
treas: treasurer
twn: township
undtkr: undertaker
uphol: upholsterer
US: United States
USA: United States Army
USMC: United States Marine Corps
USN: United States Navy
vet: veterinary
vulc: vulcanizer
w or W: West
whol: wholesale
whsemn: warehouseman
wid: widow
wkr: worker
wks: works
ws: westside
wtchmn: watchman
ydmn: yardman
ydmstr: yardmaster

Abraham: Abr
Alexander: Alex
Alfred: Alf
Archibald: Arch
Arthur: Arth
August: Aug
Benjamin: Benj
Catherine: Cath
Charles: Chas
Daniel: Danl
Edward: Edw
Elizabeth: Eliz
Eugene: Eug
Frederick: Fredk
George: Geo
James: Jas
Joseph: Jos
Katherine: Kath
Margaret: Margt
Michael: Michl
Patrick: Patk
Richard: Richd
Robert: Robt
Samuel: Saml
Solomon: Sol
Stephen: Steph
Theodore: Theo
Thomas: Thos
William: Wm

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