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Boyd's West Chester Directory, 1918-1919
Appendix -- Gov't, Organizations, etc.

compiled by Jim Jones, spring 2009

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page 118



President -- Woodrow Wilson, New Jersey
Vice-President -- Thomas R Marshall, Indiana
Secretary of State -- Robert Lansing
Secretary of the Treasury -- Wm Gibbs McAdoo, New York
Secretary of War -- Newton D Baker, Ohio
Secretary of the Navy -- Josephus Daniels, North Carolina
Secretary of the Interior -- Franklin Knight Lane, California
Postmaster General -- Albert Sidney Burleson, Texas
Attorney General -- Thomas Watt Gregory
Secretary of Agriculture -- David Franklin Houston, Missouri
Secretary of Labor -- Wm Bauchop Wilson, Pennsylvania
Secretary of Commerce -- Wm Cox Redfield, New York
Supreme Court --
     Chief Justice -- Edward D White, Louisiana
Associate Justices --
     Oliver Wendell Holmes, Massachusetts
     Joseph McKenna, California
     William R Day, Ohio
     Pitney Mahlon
     Charles E Hughes, New York
     Willis Van Devanter, Indiana
     James C Reynolds


Governor -- Martin G Brumbaugh
Lieutenant-Governor -- Frank B McClain
Secretary of the Comonweamlth -- Cyrus E Woods
Attorney-General -- A W Powell
State Treasurer -- Robert Kennedy Young
Secretary of Internal Affairs -- enry Houck
Superintendent of Public Instruction -- Nathan C Shaeffer
Adputant-General -- Thomas J Stewart
Insurance Commissioner -- Charles Johnson
State Fire Marshal -- oJseph H Baldwin
Commissiner of Banking -- William H Smith
Secretary of Agriculture -- Charles E Patton
Commissioner of Forestry -- Robert S Conklin
Commisioner of Labor and Industry -- John Price Jackson

page 119

Workmen's Compensation Bureau -- Harry A Mackey, Chairman; James
W Leech, John A Scott
Chief of the Department of Mines -- James E Roderick
Commissioner of Health  -- Samuel G Dixon, M. D.
State Highway Commissoner -- Robert J Cunningham
Superintendent of Pablic Grounds and Buildings -- Samuel B Rambo
Superintendent of Public Printing and Binding -- A Nevin Pomeroy
State Librarian -- Thomas Lynch Montgomery
Superintendent of State Police -- John C Groome
Commissioner of Fisheries -- Nathan R Buller
The Public Service Commission -- William D B Ainey, Chairman;
Samuel W Pennypaeker, John S Rilling, William A Magee, Milton J
Brecht, John Monaghan
Water Supply Commission -- Thomas J Lynch, Chairman; Robert A
Pennsylvania State Board of Censors of Motion Pictures -- Louis
Breitinger, Chairman; Mrs E C Niver, vice-chairman; Ellis P
Oberholtzer, secretary

                         OFFICIAL COUNTY DIRECTORY
                   County Court House, High cor Market.

Presiding Judge -- William Butler, Jr
Additional Law Judge -- J Frank E Hause
Court Stenographer -- Walter H Lewis
District Attorney -- Truman D Wade
Assistant District Attorney -- Harris L Sproat
Prothonotary -- oward S Conner
Deputy Prothonotary -- Carl Deihm
Clerk of the Courts -- Benjamin L Few
Deputy Clerk of the Courts -- Abner W Few
Register of Wills -- Lewis H Miller
Deputy Register of Wills -- Alban P Ingram
County Treasurer -- George E Wilson
Deputy Treasurer -- John Byerly
Sheriff -- Clarence M Ortlip
Deputy Sheriff -- Emmor E Criswell
Recorder of Deeds -- Jesse H Kirk
Deputy Recorder -- Warren G Carson
Coroner -- John S Garrett
County Commissioners -- David M Golder, John E Baldwin,
J Frank Elston.  Clerk, John Parker
Directors of the Poor -- Levi S Thomas, Charles L Huston, Swithin
County Superintendent -- Thomas A Bock

page 120

County Surveyor -- N R Rambo
Jury Commisisoners -- George S Deweer, Michael Gleason
Controller -- Isaac Y Ash
Deputy Controller -- E Vinton Philips
Warden of Chester County Prison -- John L Glower
Matron of Juvenile Home -- Ella M Manley
Stewart of Chester County Home -- Thomas S Garrett
Physician of Chester County Home -- F H Hollister
County Solicitor -- Thomas Lack

                            BOROUGH GOVERNMENT.

Chief Burgess -- J Paul MacElree
Borough Solicitor -- George S. Dewees
Finance Committee -- The entire Council


Fred Heed, president; Joseph H Oak, J L Meredith, John Thorpe,
Edmund H Brown, Edward S Darlington, Henry R Guss, S B Darlington
Streets -- Henry R Guss, Edmund H Brown, John Thorpe
Fire -- S B Darlington, Henry R Guss, Edward S Darlington
Water -- J Comly Hall, Edmund H Brown, John Thorp
Park -- John Thorp, J Comly Hall, S B Darlington
Library -- J Comly Hall, S B Darlington, Edward S Darlington
Light -- S B Darlington, Henry R Guss, John Thorp
Sewer -- Edward S Darlington, Edmund H Brown, Henry R Guss
Tree Commission -- Herbert F Worth, Joseph Kift, Warren Mftchell
Borough Treasurer -- Wm S Underwood
Clerk -- M Minerva Davis
Borough Engineer -- Nathan R Rambo
Water Commissioner -- Evan A Mercer
Highway Commissioner -- Edwin C Reagan
Chief of Police -- John E Entriken

                             BOARD OF HEALTH.

Dr Jos Scattergood, President; Dr C E Woodward, Secretary;
Rudolph Weiler, Prof C B Cochran, A C Whitcraft

page 121

                              PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Superintendent -- Addison L Jones, office in High School
Building; secretary to superintendent, Sara C Evans

                             FIRE DEPARTMENT.

Chief -- R A Woodward
Assistant Chiefs -- Harry J Griffith, Hillary Fox
West Chester Fire Co No 1 -- Located on N Church bet Gay and
Market, consisting of one hook and ladder, automobile pump and
hose wagon and one automobile chemical engine. Roland Smedley,
pres; Henry A Guss, v-pres; Herman J Smith, sec 'y; C P Keech,
financial sec'y; Dr Jesse C Breen, treas; John A Joyce, chief
Good Will Fire Co No 2 -- Located on E Gay bet Walnut and High;
consisting of one steamer, one hose carriage and one chemical
engine. Harry Wills, pres; Kimble Kugler, treas; Howard Heston,
sec'y; Herbert Herbert Andress, financial sec'y; Francis J Myer,
Wm Underwood, Frank Fannigan, Henry Pyle and George Townsend,
trustees; Wm Huber, chief engineer
Fame Fire Co No 3 -- Located on E Market above Walnut; consists
of one steamer, one hose carriage, one combination chemical
engine. Fred Heed, pres; Jefferson Shanner v-pres; C 0 White,
sec'y; J Comly Hall, treas; William J Hopewell, Clinton Mosteller
and William Buxton, trustees

                            FIRE ALARM SYSTEM.
Box  North Ward
1-1 -- Chester County Hospital
1-2 -- Biddle and High
1-3 --Biddle and Franklin
l-4 -- Chestnut and Matlack
1-5 -- Market St P R R Station
1-6 -- Walnut and Chestnut
1-7 -- Sharpless Separator Works
1-8 -- Gay and Adams
1-9 -- omeopathic Hospital

Box  South Ward
2-1 -- Church and Barnard
2-2 -- Price and Darlington

page 122

2-3 -- Union and Wayne
2-4 -- Miner and New
2-5 -- Normal School
2-6 -- Union and Darlington

East Ward
3-1 -- Miner and Matlack
3-2 -- Franklin and Miner
3-3 -- Matlack and Lacey
3-4 -- Union and Walnut
3-5 -- High and Nields
3-6 -- Franklin and Union

West Ward
4-1 -- Market and Darlington
4-2 -- New and Gay
4-3 -- Washington and Darlington
4-4 -- New and Fayette
4-5 -- Virginia av and Church
4-6 -- Front of Assembly Building
4-7 -- Leedom 's Livery Stable

                            POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Headquarters -- Municipal Building
Chief of Police -- John E Entricken
Home Sergeant -- Edgar T Jackson

St Agnes' Parochial School, 221 W Gay
West Chester State Normal School, First District, High cor Normal
Av; Robert T Cornwell, pres; Samuel Marshall, sec'y; George Heed,
treas; John R Hollinger,. steward; Mrs Anna S Raymond, matron
     The Faculty -- George Morris Philips, A. M., Ph. D., prin

                           HOMES AND HOSPITALS.

Barclay Home for the Aged, 11 W Chestnut
Chester County Hospital, E Marshall
Friends' Boarding Home, 444 N Walnut
Homeopathic Hospital of Chester County, 326 N Walnut
Tuberculosis Dispensary, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department
of Health, 12 W Market; open Wednesdays and Fridays, 2 to 4 p m
Wentworth Home, 112 S Church

page 123


Dime Savings Bank of Chester County, 14 N High. Geo M Philips,
pres; Samuel Marshall, sec and treas
First National Bank of West Chester (The), High nr Market;
organized 1863. Marshall S Way, pres; Septimus E Nivin,
vice-pres; Samuel P Cloud, cashier; George Newlin Jr asst cashier
National Bank of Chester County (The), High bet Market and Gay;
organized 1814. Thomas W Marshall, pres; Thomas Hoopes,
vice-pres; George Heed, cashr; Joseph F Hill and Herman F Wyers,
asst cashiers

                             TRUST COMPANIES.

Chester County Trust Company, E Gay nr High; organized 1900. J
Everton Ramsey, pres; William M Potts, vice-pres; L K Stubbs,
vice-pres and treas; William P Sharpless, trust officer; Elbert N
Pusey, asst trust officer; Alfred P Reid, solicitor
Farmers and Mechanics' Trust Co, High cor Market; Herbert P
Worth, pres and trust officer; J Comly Hall, vice-pres and treas;
S D Ramsey, sec'y; N S Ingram, asst treas; J Harry Thomas, asst
sec'y; Marion H Reid, asst trust officer



First Baptist Church, S High nr Union; Rev Edward C Kunkle,
pastor; Sunday services, 10:30 am and 7:30 pm
Olivet Baptist Church, S New c W Union; Rev Charles A Walker,
pastor; Sunday services, 10:30 am and 7:30 pm
St Paul's Baptist Church (colored), E Miner bet Adams and Penn;
Sunday services, 10:30 am and 7:30 pm


St Agnes' Catholic Church, W Gay nr New; Rev Samuel B Spalding,
pastor; residence, 233 W Gay

                             Christian Science

First Church of Christ Scientist, N High nr Washington; Sunday
Services, 10:30 a m; Wednesday, 8pm; reading rooms open Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays, 3 to 5 p m, Mondays and Fridays, 7 to 9
p m

page 124


Friends' Meeting House (Orthodox), N Church c Chestnut Hicksite
(Friends), High cor Fayette

                            Methodist Episcopal

Bethel A M E Church (colored), E Miner nr S Adams; Sunday
service, 10:30 a m and 7:30 pm
Methodist Episcopal Church, W Market cor Darlington; Rev Jay
Dickerson, pastor; Sunday services, 10:30 am and 7:30 p m
St Luke Union A M E Church (colored), S Franklin nr E Barnard;
Sunday services, 10:30 am and 7:30 pm


First Presbyterian Church, W Miner c Darlington; Rev Washington R
Laird, pastor; Sunday services, 10:30 am and 7:30 pm
Second Presbyterian Church, S Walnut bet Miner and Barnard;
Sunday services, 10:30 a m and 7:30 pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church, S Church cor Barnard; Rev C R
Wililamson, pastor; Sunday services, 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m

                           Protestant Episcopal

Church of the Holy Trinity, S High cor Union; Rev John M Gilbert;
Sunday services, 8 and 10:30 a m and 7:30 pm


Reformed Episcopal Church of the Sure Foundation, W Union nr
High; Sunday services, 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m

                           CLUBS AND SOCIETIES.

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division No 4, meets 1st Tuesday and
3d Sunday, at A 0 H Hall, 44 W Gay; James Rox, pres; Fred D
Martin, sec
Bachelor Club, 10 N Church
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, West Chester Lodge No
853, 21 N High

page 125

Brandywine Council No 758, I 0 I A, 14 E Gay
Business Men's Association, Harkness Hall, meets 3d Monday of
each month
Chester County Republican Club, Harkness Hall
I C U B Society, 44 W Gay, meets 2d Sundays; P J Murphy, pres;
Thomas J Treston, sec
Eden Commandery No 321, Knights of Malta, 44 W Gay, meets
General Henry R Guss Post No 1, Civil War Veterans, meets
Saturdays at 20 S Church
Kenhawa Council No 248, Jr 0 U A M, 44 W Gay, meets Monday
Knights of the Maccabees, West Chester Tent No 457, meets Monday
evenings, 16 N High
McCall George A Post No 31, GAR, Memorial Hall, meets very
Saturday at 3 p m
People's Republican Party of Chester County, Church c Market
Pharos Temple No 3, B O of Egyptians, W Gay, meets Tuesdays
Pocahontas Lodge No 316, I 0 0 F, 14 E Gay, meets Thursday
Robert Chas W Col Commandery M B No 4, K G E, meets first
Fridays, 16 N High
Star Social Club, 22 N Walnut
St Agnes TAB Society, St Agnes' Hall, meets 1st Sunday of each
month; William Barrett, pres; William A Brown, sec'y
St Agnes' Cadets, St Agnes' School Hall, meets 1st Sunday of each
month; M J Murphy, pres; John Pierce, sec'y
St Agnes' Ladies' Temperance Society, St Agnes' School Hall;
meets 1st Sunday of each month; D S Sullivan, pres; Annie Rogan,
St Agnes' Mutual Benefit Assocition, St Agnes' Hall; meets 4th
Sunday of each month; John V. Morgan, I pres; Elizabeth Donovan,
St Agnes' Savings Fund, Gay cor Church, meets every Monday
evening; J W McCormick, pres; Frank Riley, sec'y
Union Veteran Legion No 25, Memorial Hall, meets 2d Tuesday each
United Order of True Reformers, 322 E Miner
Uppowoc Tribe No 47, I 0 R M, meets Friday evenings at 14 E Gay
Washington Camp No 673, P 0 S of A, 44 W Gay, meets every
Wednesday evening

page 126

West Chester Aerie No 1720, FOE, meets 1st and 2d Thursdays at
Eeagles Home, 14 W Market, James P Rox, pres; Daniel E Harman,
West Shester Castle No 226 Golden Eagles, meets Tuesday evenings,
16 N High
West Chester Club, Assembly Building
West Chester Council Knights of Columbus, meets 1st and 3d
Wednesdays, 110 W Market, P P McGraw, grand knight; William J
Corcoran, rec sec'y
West Chester Council No 45, Daughters of Liberty, 44 W Gay, meets
Tuesdays evenings
West Chester Council No 633, Order of Ind Americans, 4 W Gay,
meets Friday evenings
West Chester Heptasophs I 0 H No 61, 16 N High, meets 1st and 3d
West Chester Lodge No 908, Loyal Order of Moose, Organized
October 24, 1915. J Howard Darlington, Dictator; James 0 'Connor,
Vice-Dictator; J J Nilan, Past Dictator; Wm Quigley, Prelate; Wm
A Cashman, Secretary; D J Karmentze, Treasurer; Abram Singer,
Inside Guard; W Everhart, Outside Guard; Trustee, J P Barry, W H
Priest, C H Sheller, Jr. Meets Monday evenings, at Gay and Walnut
Streets, at 8 o 'clock
West Chester Lodge No 322 F and A M, 10 N Church; meets 1st
West Chester Lodge No 42, I 0 0 P, meets Tuesday evenings, 24 W
West Chester Pioneers, 8 W Market
Young Men's Christian Association, High c Chestnut; Edward
Brinton, pres; Arthur T Parke, vice-pres; John L Clayton, treas;
C R J Hays, rec sec'y; A J Himmelsbach, genl sec'y; George M
Kirk, asst sec'y


Corcoran Construction Company, Wayne c Market. Patrick H
Corcoran, pres; William J Corcoran, Jr., sec'y and treas

Denney Tag Co, 30 W Barnard. Marshall S Ways, pres; Maurice R
Travilla, vice-pres; Alfred D Sharpless, sec'y; Mark H
Darlington, treas; George M Huey, genl mngr

Hoopes Bros & Darlington Inc, 239 E Market. Thomas Hoppes, pres;
Russell Hoopes, vice-pres and supt; Charles R Hoopes, sec'y;
Edward S Darlington, treas

Hoopes Bros & Thomas Co, Maple av, W Goshen. Abner Hoopes, pres;
George B Thomas, vice-pres; Chas E Cattell, sec'y; Wilmer W
Hoopes, treas

page 127

Keystone  Tag Co, r Nields bet Walnut and Matlack. Samuel O
Barber, pres; George K McParland, sec'y and treas

National Crayon Co, Walnut c E Washington. Stephen
T Smith, pres; M A Green, sec'y; Harry W Smith, treas

Penn Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Chester Co, 16 N High.
Arthur P Reid, pres; Paul W Pearson, sec 'y; P E Jeffries, treas

People's Ice and Storage Co, 10-16 E Chestnut. J P Harkness,
pres; J L Meredith, vice-pres; Jos H Oat, sec'y and mngr

Sharples  Separator  Company,  Patton av  c  E  Biddle. Philip M
Sharples, pres; David T Sharples, vice-pres; I Roberts Comforts,

West Chester Cold Storage and Ice Co Ltd (The), E Union
•BJ c Franklin; Jesse Shallcross, chairman; Fred Heed, ^H sec; J
Edson Shallcross, treas


Friends' Library, N Church bet Chestnut and Washington
Public Library, N Church cor Payette; open from 8:30 am to 9:30
West Chester Public Library Association, N Church cor Fayette


West Chester Market, W Market bet Darlington and New; market
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays


Daily Local News, Daily Local News Co Publishers, Elbert N Pusey,
pres, 12 S High; subscription rates, $3.00 per year; 25c per

Village Record (The), (weekly), H G Smith, pub, 2 W Market;
subscription rates, $1.00 per year

Chester County Pair Grounds, West Chester pike
Everhart Grove, Miner c Brandywine
Marshall Square, N Matlack c E Biddle
West Chester Baseball Park, E Gay cor Penn

page 128

                               POST OFFICE.

Office, E Gay cor Walnut, Granville L Rettew, postmaster; John P
Woodward asst postmaster; delivery of mails from 7:50 a m to 4:30
p m; collection from 6 a m to 7:30 p m; last mail closes at 8. H
Roecker, Harry C Kugle, Alexander P Thompson, Horace J Wheaton, G
A Conner, E Paul Darlington, H T Lear, W Francis Barry, carriers

Pennsylvania R R Depot, E Market bel Matlack West Chester
Street Railway Depot, S High bet Market and Miner

page 129

National Bank of Chester County advertisement (see inside front

page 130

First National Bank of West Chester advertisement (see
frontispiece 1]

[inside back cover]

advertisement for Balitmore City Printing and Binding Co., 353-
363 Equitable Building, "Noting too large -- nothing too small"

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