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List of 1807 "Taxables" in West Chester, Pennsylvania

compiled by Jim Jones, copyright 2007

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This page contains the names of heads of family who were liable for taxes in the Borough of West Chester in 1807, eight years after the community began to levy taxes. The original handwritten list is entitled "West Chester List of Taxables Taken October 19, 1807" and is located in the archives of the Chester County Historical Society at 225 N. High Street in West Chester. It was signed by "John Graves, assessor," who certified that there were no black or mulatto slaves in the Borough of West Chester. It contains 124 names listed in alphabetical order. This list has been sorted by profession.

Isaac Darlington, Esq.
John Duer, Esq.
William Hemphill, Esq.
Charles Humphrey, Esq.
John S. Porter, Esq.

Davis Beaumont
Obed Beaumont
Joseph Ramsey
Joshua Williams

Caleb David
William Mann
James Ryan
Jesse Tagart
John Townsend
Amos Warren

County employees
Thomas Beaumont (constable)
Emmor Bradley (clerk to commissioner)
Zacheus Davis (sub-sheriff)
Thomas Evans (cryer-of-court)
Joshua Gibbons, Esq. (county commissioner)
Daniel Hiester Esq. (prothonotary)
Jesse John, Esq. (sheriff)
John Smith, Esq. (register & recorder)

William Bennett
Thomas Hoopes
Richard Jacobs
Joseph Knight
Joseph McClelan, Esq.
William McClelan
William Nulin
John Patton
John Rankin
Nathan Sharpless
John Underwood

Gentlemen and a gentlewoman
James Chamberlin
Jabez Hoopes
John G. Kennadey
James Miller
Elizabeth Peters
Peter Sholl

John Babb
Thomas Buffington
Ephraim Buffington
Noble Brown
James Jackson
Benjamin Miller
Cromwell Pearce
Thomas Tucker

Joshua Alexander
Charles Berry
Thomas Brown
Solomon Cole
George Court
Samson Derry
Robert Dunagee
Thomas Gore
John McClay
James McConnell
William McGarvey
Barbabas McGill
Matthew Philips
William Richardson
Norman Rigelow
Abraham Thomson
Peter Tolan
John Williamson
Thomas Williamson

Schoolmasters and mistresses
Margret Flowers
John McLaughlin
Robert Plumley
Elizabeth Wilson

Robert Chamberlin
Samuel Chamberlin
Garrettt Ferrell
Edward Miller
William Purdue
Oloff Stromberg

George Baldwin
Robert Black
Joseph Clarke
Rebeckah Johnston
Charles Kenney, Esq.
John Lindsay
Job. B. Rimmington
William Sharpless
William Taylor

Widows and spinsters
Rebeckah Chamberlin (widow)
Jane Cochran (widow)
Susanna Fairlamb (widow)
Reebeckah Guest (spinster)
Alice Hannum (widow)
Ann Lewis (widow)
Kaziak Pugh (spinster)
Sarah White (widow)

Sidney Hoopes (bonnet maker)
Henry Court (butcher)
Isaac Weaver (cabinetmaker)
John Graves (framework knitter)
William Cooper (hatter)
George Worth (hatter)
Joseph Lawson (hostler)
Sarah Knox (mantua maker)
Noah Garrett (miller)
James Warren (painter)
Josiah Ankrim (physician)
Philip Derrick (printer)
William Wollerton (saddler)
Joshua Weaver (scrivener)
Elizabeth Neals (seamstress)
Samuel Hopkin (stonemason)
Joseph Chamberlin (tailor)
John Hayney (tailor)
Thomas Sweeney (tailor)
Henry Fleming (tanner)
James McKenney (vendue cryer)
John Knox (weaver)
William Logan (weaver)
Joshua Jackson (wheelwright)

Joseph Bowman (stage driver)
Ruben Eachus (student-at-law)
Benjamin Hunt (board yard keeper)
Joseph Ogdeen (wagoneer)
William Taylor (wagoneer)
Marmaduke Wyvel (wool comber)

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Copyright 2010 by Dr. James A. Jones