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Jim Jones writes: Wow! WCU is closed due to snow. While that is good news for me, it doesn't help any of you prepare for the third exam in HIS397 "Revolutionary Africa." I already posted the question and instructions elsewhere, but I expect that some of you have questions about it.

My plan for today was to get you to talk to each other and to provide answers to factual questions, but NOT to tell you how to go about answering the exam question. That is because I know from past experience that if I do that, there is likely to be someone who will copy exactly what I say, rewrite them as the answer to the exam, and then expect an A because s/he "wrote exactly what you said." That is not how to get an A on this exam. To do that, you need to think for yourself and produce an original answer.

With that in mind, here's what I will do. If you have a question or comment, email it to me and I will post it on this web page below. I will not be on-line continuously (I've some snow to shovel, for example), but I'll check my email at least four times today and again tomorrow morning, and post whatever you send me.

snow in the Quad

Jim Jones, 11:37am: Nothing yet. Is everybody awake?

Jim Jones, 2:15pm: Still nothing. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Jim Jones, 6:10pm: Still nothing. Hmmm ...

Jim Jones, 8:04pm: I guess either 1) nobody thought to look at the course web page; 2) everyone is out playing in the snow; or (hopefully) everyone is feeling pretty confident that they understand how to apply Fanon's theories to modern revolution.

Jim Jones, 8:45am on Tuesday: I got a request to repost the summary notes from Franz Fanon's book. Here's the link.

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