Benjamin E. Thomas, "Railways and Ports in French West Africa" in Economic Geography,
vol. 33, n°1 (January 1957), pages 1-14
in ANS Library

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(p3) Of all the railroads constructed from the coast towards the interior, the Chemin de Fer Dakar-Niger arrived first because it faced easier terrain, passed through a region that had fewer diseases, and its route could take advantage of the navigable portions of the Senegal River. It followed the savanna corridor and avoided the forest.

(p4) The littoral zone of the AOF (within 125 kilometers of the coast) had only 5 million people, but provided 90% of all exports. The interior, with 12 million peoplee, provided the remaining 10% of exports.

(p8) The completion of the Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes diverted much freight from the Chemin de Fer Conakry-Niger, whose construction and operation was more expensive because it passed through a mountainous region.