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Chemin de Fer de Kayes à Bafoulabé (ANFOM Microfilm 14 MI 1319)
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Délégué du Gouverneur Général to Gouverneur Général de l'Afrique Occidentale Française à Saint Louis, letter (Kayes, March 15, 1900)

This letter informs the Governor General of the opening of the railroad station at Toukoto and the transfer of the "magasin du Service Locale" (local government warehouse) from Badumbé to Toukoto.

Délégué du Gouverneur Général to Gouverneur-Général de l'Afrique Occidentale Française à Saint Louis (Kayes, May 10, 1900)
This 14-page letter concerns the supply of food for workers on the railroad between Kita - Bafoulabé - Kayes.

(p6) The railroad had 850 workers in the vicinity of Kayes, 300 near Bafoulabé, and 3250 near Kita, for a total of 4400.

(p7) The Service colonial employs an additional 450 "hommes conducteurs" (animal drivers) and 450 mules.

This provides some figures for the size of worker rations. Railroad workers received one kilogram of millet and 0.015 grams of salt each day. Conducteurs d'animaux (animal drivers) got one kilogram of millet and 0.300 grams of meat per day. Mules got 4 kilograms of millet and 0.020 grams of salt.

Questionaire of the Gouverneur-Général

This file contains a series of documents that consist of a questionaire distributed by the Gouverneur General to various commercial houses. The Governor-General wanted their opinion regarding the new system of provisioning the "Compagnie de Conducteurs et la Génié" through the use of a bidding system.

This is a list of the companies that responded to the questionaire and the name of the company's agent in Kayes.

Ligne de Ravitaillement: distances kilometrique séparant les campements de Badumbé à Koulikoro (no date)

This is a list of military camps along the supply route from the end of the railroad in Badumbé to the Niger River at Koulikoro.

Camp Distance from last camp (kilometers) Total distance from Badumbé (kilomters)
Badumbé 0 0
Billy 22 22
Toukoto 22 44
Ouarcaro 20 64
Boulouli 20 84
Oualia 15 99
Kita 14 113
Badinko 25 138
Tabako 24 162
Balani 23 185
Nafadié 24 209
Négala 30 239
Dio 25 264
Kati 22 286
Bamako 13 299
Sallah 25 324
Toulimandio 22 346
Koulikoro 17 363