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Concessions et domaines
in AOF Series L 21

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O. Teisseire & L. Descemet (St. Louis law firm) to Gouverneur-Général du Sénegal
(December 11, 1887)

The law firm of Teisseire & Descemet represented M. Aly-Gueye, the owner of a small trading post in Kayes that was destroyed by order of the Commandant de Kayes

Commandant du Bafoulabé to Commandant Supérieur de Soudan Gallieni (March 1, 1888)

The land belonging to Aly Gueye was needed by the government to strengthen the defenses of Kayes in order to prevent a reoccurence of the destruction that occurred in 1886 when Amadou Lamine invaded.

Emile Serrant to Gouverneur-Général du Sénégal (no date)

This is a request from a civil engineer for a land concession for the Société Agricole et Minière de l'Afrique Occidentale.

Arrêté 196 du Gouverneur du Soudan (June 30, 1894)

This law organized the use and sale of land concessions in Bafoulabé.

Arrêté 292 du Gouverneur du Soudan (no date)

This law organized the use and sale of land concessions in Bamako.

Arrêté 603 by Lt. Gov. Trentinian (December 28, 1898)

This law regulated the ownership of private property, deeds, and titles, in the Soudan

M. Dutheil de la Rocherè, "Demande d'une concession" (October 1899)

Dutheil de la Rocherè is a captain of the Artilerie de Marine. He asked for a mining concession east of Kangalaba between Sikasso and Tourni at 5'30" and 10'70".

Alema Pierre, délégué de la Compagnie Francaise du Haut Niger to Commandant du Bamako (April 26, 1900)

The Compagnie Francaise du Haut Niger already possesses comptoirs at Saragou, Dinguiray, Kankan, Bobo Dioulasso, Sikasso and Kayes. They want to open another one at Bamako. They also want to plant rubber, which M. Pierre says is the only thing that will grow there. He argued that the govenrment should grant a concession to the company because work on a rubber plantation will teach valuable skills to Africans.

Commandant du Bamako to Alema Pierre, délégué de la Compagnie Francaise du Haut Niger (March 21, 1901)

The Commandant du Bamako granted a concession for a rubber plantaiton near Bamako to the Compagnie Française du Haut Niger.

Extrait de Rapport du Conseil d'Administration par Sécretaire Général Méniaud
(June 20, 1906)

The town of Bamako is in the process of rebuilding its roads. Because of the need to rebuild the Rue Bonnier, the administration of the town offered to exchange a piece of property for that owned by M. Malick N'Diaye. The town of Ségou is also rebuilding its streets

Extrait du Registre des Deliberation du Conseil d'Administration (November 23, 1909)

The Société de Bamako received permission to use a 5x12 square meter piece of government-owned land along the river to warehouse chalk that it will deliver to various colonial services. (Note: chalk was used to make cement.)

Extrait du Registre des Deliberation du Conseil d'Administration (January 20, 1910)

The colonial adminsitrative council agreed that it was necessary to enlarge the market at Baguindé near Timbuktu.

Gouverneur-Général to M. I. de Conde à Paris, letter (August 6, 1913)

De Conde wanted to build a hydro-electric dam on the waterfalls below Bamako at the Chutes de Félou. The Governor informed him that a decision had been made recently to permit a company that produced "extrait de viandes et conserves" (meat extracts and canned meat) to use water from the river.