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L'Emploi Main d'Oeuvre. Mediterranée-Niger (1947)
in AOF K 371 (26)

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This is a small dossier with letters between the Directeur Général du Chemin de Fer Mediterranée-Niger, the Ministre de FOM and various governors concerning the use of 200 Algerian laborers on Soudanese territory along the Gao-Bechar piste (across the Sahara Desert).

Directeur Général du Chemin de Fer Mediterranée-Niger Depret to Ministre de FOM, letter n°2591 DG/P (Oujda, July 28, 1947)

A contingent of workers from the 2ième portion (forced laborers) were due to finish their service. There were neither replacements nor volunteers in the Soudan. The director of the Chemin de Fer Mediterranée-Niger asked for permission to use volunteers from Algeria.

Ministre de FOM to Directeur Général du Chemin de Fer Mediterranée-Niger Depret, n°8669 (September 10, 1947)

Permission was granted to use 200 volunteers from Algeria, but they had to remain north of Tabankort, away from the Tuaregs who moved thorugh the area, and especially away from people living along the Niger River. [See also R. Barthes to Ministre de FOM, n°6993 AP/4T (Dakar, October 1, 1947); and Ministre de FOM Jean Ramadier to Depret, n°10454 (Paris, November 3, 1947. They all say the same thing.]