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Commissaire Principal de Police de la Circonscription de Markala Henri Dubois to Commandant du Cercle de Ségou (Markala, April 23, 1947)
in AOF K 313 (26)

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(p1) Jacques Doumbia was the Sécretaire-Général du Syndicat des Ouvriers et Employées du Consortium Markala. At a meeting with 12 worker delegates, he announced that a strike would begin on April 24, 1947 in order to demonstrate solidarity with the strikers of the Chemin de Fer Dakar-Niger. The report also mentions agitation among the workers by the Union Soudanese during the visit of the President de la République to Bamako. [See also Rapport du Dubois, (Markala, April 27, 1947)].

(p2) On April 24, 1947, work stopped. Only three Senegalese workers crossed the strike line to go to Markala. They were attacked later by over 30 men.

(p4) On April 25, 1947, Doumbia was arrested for inciting strikers to injure strikebreakers. Amadou Guindo was arrested at the same time.

(p5) A crowd gathered, but the authorities successfully moved the two men to Ségou.

(p6) Doumbia was a political opportunist with a "magical" hold over illiterate workers. He claimed to be the local representative of the Union Soudanaise.