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Affaire relative à l'attaque d'un train entre N'Dande et Kébèmer (1885)
in AOF 5 M 456

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Chef de Section Cave, Rapport pour Monsieur le Chef d'Exploitation Walker,
copy (
Dakar, October 9, 1885)

On October 8, 1885, two armed men shot at a lorry (a motorized rail vehicle) carrying the paymaster Luciani and a foreman named Rancoul, plus M. Cave and a number of African workers. Luciani and Rancoul were killed, but nothing was stolen. This took place at kilomter post 124.300, near Kelle in Senegal.


This file also contains documents concerning lawsuits that resulted from accidents on the Chemin de Fer Dakar-Saint Louis on February 22, 1885 and March 24, 1885/