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Rapports d'Exploitation (1923)
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Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes-Niger, Rapport d'Exploitation du 4ieme Trimestre, 1923

The first express train to travel all the way from Thiès to Kayes ran on November 1, 1923.

Chemin de Fer de Thiès vers Kayes, Rapport Annuel d'Exploitation, 1923
(Thiès, November 28, 1924)

(p1) Railroad construction advanced as far as Coutenabé, 500 kilometers from Thiès. In addition, the 22 kilometers from Guinguinéo to Kaolack were in service in 1923.

Wells were dug in Kaolack and Guinguinéo according to advice provided by Dr. Moineau, but only the well in Kaolack yielded water.

(p2) The Section de Voie employed an average of 470 men at any given time. There were 10 supervisors, including 4 chefs de district.

(p9) On May 1, 1923, the station at Sinthiou-Fissa was opened. On October 29, 1923, the stations at Kidira, Gouloumbo and Ambidédi opened.

(p10) The Section d'Exploitation employed 39 Europeans and 20 African cadres divided into 5.2 écrivains (scribes), 3 chefs de station (station masters), 2.5 facteurs-chefs (mail clerks), 2 telegraphists (telegraph operators), 3 aiguilleurs (switchmen) and 4 agents de trains (conductors). It also employed an average of 409, 400, 271, and 422 journaliers (day workers) in each quarter of the year, respectively.

The telegraph system functioned normally [see Rapport d'Exploitation (3rd quarter 1923)] but there was no direct telegraph line from Guinguinéo to Ambidédi.

(p11) The total number of employees in the different sections for 1923: 79 full-time European employees (commissionnés), 83 African commissionnés, 12 European contractuels or auxilliaires, and 1,278 indigènes journaliers (African day laborers).

(p21) The automobile service between the Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes and the Chemin de Fer Ambidédi-Kayes was suspended on July 3, 1923. It employed only Africans and covered the 100 kilometers from Coutenabé to Ambidédi where the tracks were not yet finished. After May 1, 1923, the automobile service operated over 69 kilometers from Sinthiou-Fissa to Ambidédi.

(p22) The Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes-Niger possessed the following locomotives at the end of 1923:

Number Weight (tons) Manufacturer
9 48 Mallet compound
3 47 Mallet
4 45 Boche
2 39.5 Piquet
7 38 Piquet
3 29.5 Cail
2 27 Decauville
6 29 Not given
1 16 Corpet
2 11.5 Decauville