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Autorisation de vendre dans les gares du Thiès-Kayes-Niger (1920-1932)
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Following WWI, individuals asked for permits to sell goods in railroad stations - tobacco, etc. The railroad had to devise regulations and write contracts. All of the requests in this file were for stations between Thiès and Guinguinéo.

Arrêté n°2061 du Lt. Gouverneur du Sénégal Leveque (Saint Louis, June 10, 1920)

The Arrêté du 10 Juin 1920 by the Lt. Gouverneur du Sénégal regulated contracts with vendors in stations. They paid a minimum of 100 francs per semester in advance for the right to sell goods in a station. They were only allowed to sell while a train was in the station. Sales tables had to be mobile and their location had to be confirmed by the Directeur du Railway.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes-Niger à Lt. Gouverneur du Sénégal,
n°87 TK (Thiès, July 4, 1920)

There were examples of fraud in the applications for railroad station concessions. For example, Niang Saer was found to be a front man for an "agent du cadre auxilliaire indigène" when he changed his request for a concession from Gossas to Guinguinéo, coincident with the transfer of the agent. The Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes-Niger recommended that he be turned down.

Saer's request initiated the government response that culminated in the law of June 10, 1920. [see Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes-Niger to Lt. Gouverneur du Sénégal, letter n°58 TK (Thiès, April 23, 1920).]

List of people who received concessions

This chart compiles information from decisions by various Lt. Gouverneurs du Sénégal in Saint Louis, granting concessions to merchants.

Merchant Station Date Lt. Gouverneur
Niang Saer Gossas July 15, 1920 Leveque
Mme. Paoletti Bambey July 27, 1920 Leveque
Antoine Arcens Diourbel July 27, 1920 Leveque
Alioune Dione Khombole July 27, 1920 Diderot
M. Carbou Guinguinéo September 8, 1921 Tellier
M. Carbou Guinguinéo January 12, 1922 Diderot

Guilé Bengue, patissier chez Maurel et Prom to Lt. Gouverneur du Sénégal (Bambey, January 6, 1923)

A few concessionnaires operated in more than one station. For example, M. Guili M'Bengue had permits for Diourbel, Gossas and Guinguinéo, but was refused another at Bambey. [See Camille Maillet pour Lt. Gouverneur du Sénégal to Guili M'Bengue, patissier à Gossas, n°444 GC (Saint Louis, March 9, 1923).]