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Direction du Chemin de Fer, "Rapport Trimestriel, 2ième trimestre 1922" (Bamako, August 16, 1922)
in ANS Series 2 G 22 (55)

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This is a 33-page report on all aspects of the operation of the Chemin de Fer Kayes-Kiger during the last year before the railroad was completed from the coast to Kayes.

(pp1-2) Section de Voie et Batiments: The railroad was reorganized into 4 sections, 14 districts and 60 cantons. Each canton had a small group of 4 to 6 huts in the middle, located near a water point and the railroad line. They housed a work crew composed of 1 foreman, 1 cantonnier, 1 track-layer and several laborers. Each canton contained 9-10 kilometers of rail line.

(p17) The railroad still used the same locomotives in 1922 that they had in 1912, with the addition of a new 47-ton locomotive. There were 33 locomotives in all, but only 20 were in service at any one time.

(p21) In the Services Généraux, roughly 13 of the approximately 25 employees were African, but Africans all worked as écrivains or plantons (scribes or office boys).

(p28) Salt was the most voluminous imported item, followed by construction materials. Peanuts dominated exports, providing 1,028 of the 1,722 tons arried by the railroad during the second quarter of the year. (NOTE: The harvest was in the third quarter, so exports during this period were the lowest of the year.)