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L'Emigration des Peulhs
in AOF 13 G 41 (ANFOM Microfilm 14 Mi 885)

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Service des Affaires Indigènes, "Tableau Indicatif des biens confisquées par le Sieur Béquio Madiap Riml? (illegible), chef du canton de Ross, aux Peulhs emigrés de la Banlieue de St. Louis" (Saint Louis, April 14, 1887)

A local leader in the Senegal River Valley, who was reconized by the French, confiscated goods from nomadic Peuhls who passed thbrough his territory. The types of things confiscated included cattle, sheep, goats, millet, and peanuts. In this case, from five Peulhs, he confiscated a total of 4 steers, 2 cows, 78 sheep, 7 goats, 5 sacks of millet (equal to about 100 kilograms) and bags (or baskets: bassiques) of peanuts.


There are many other documents in this file, but I stopped taking notes because I found nothing that dealt directly with the railroad.