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État mensuels des deserteurs, Thiès-Kayes (1920)
in ANM S 17 fonds anciens

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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NOTE: This dossier contains 10 reports for the year 1920 listing the names, contract dates and villages of origin of deserters. There are no obvious patterns to the names, such as men from the same village leaving together. There is no indication as to when the men left, so the reader can not tell if they trickled away or if there were specific days that groups decided to leave.

Date covered by report # of deserters Note
(see below)
01/16-02/15 20 1
02/16-03/15 65
03/16-04/15 6
05/16-06/15 7
06/16-07/15 41
08/15 36 2
08/16-09/15 31
09/16-10/15 0
10/16-11/15 35 3

  1. Four of the twenty men who deserted came from Nioro-Mediné (Amadou Diké, Siné Dia, Ofra Sô and Gagno Tamboura).
  2. All 36 men left on the same day.
  3. 26 of 35 men deserted for the second time after complaining about the food. Chef des Travaux Neufs du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Kayes (Cotiani) insisted that they all had received the standard ration.