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Travailleurs de la 2ième portion Thiès-Niger liberés par anticipation (1928-1933)
in ANM S 1436 fonds nouveaux, tome I

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This is a huge file that is organized by years. It contains reports on workers who went home early because of illness. The reports also mention indemnity payments made to those workers.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Niger Bosc to Lt. Gouverneur du Soudan Français, n°26SC (Thiès, January 17, 1933)

Due to budget cuts, the railroad had to reduce the scale of its construction operations, and as a result, also had to reduce the number of forced laborers of the deuxième portion du contingent. 300 workers had to be discharged, but since all of those who were expected to remain were from the same recruitment class, this had to be done without causing strife. The Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Niger suggested that the weakest be given medical discharges, and if this was not enough, then additional men should be chosen by lot.

Gouverneur du Soudan Français Fousset to Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Niger Bosc, Service de Sante n°62 (Koulouba, Januayr 24, 1933)

The Gouverneur du Soudan Français supported Bosc's idea for discharging 300 workers according to their medical condition. He designated Dr. Gonzales, the Médecin Commandant, to organize the medical examinations.