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Dakar-Niger, Service des Trains (1936-1943)
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This section contains copies of various posters entitled "Avis au Public" that announce changes in passenger fares, new timetables, and other information for the public.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer, "Avis au Public"
(Dakar, March 13, 1943)

Autorail service on the Dakar-Niger was canceled "par suite de manque des pieces de réchange" (for lack of spare parts). This affected four trains between Bamako and Dakar, as well as all autorails between Dakar and St. Louis, Thiés and Kaolack.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer, "Avis au Public"
(December 19, 1940)

The station at Médine-Ville was closed temporarily.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer, "Avis au Public"
(January 18, 1940)

Automobiles could be shipped by train from Dakar to the interior at a cost of 0.10 franc/kilometer up to 800 kilometers, and for 0.05 franc for each additional kilometer. The following table lists some sample rates:

Destination Cost (francs)
Tambacounda 47
Kayes-Ville 74
Toukoto 89
Bamako 102
Koulikoro 105

Directeur du Chemin de Fer, "Avis au Public"
(Thiès, August 14, 1936)

After August 15, 1936, freight bound for ports along the Niger River could be shipped directly from authorized Chemin de Fer stations "sans que le paiement d'avance du montant du transport soit exigé" (without requiring payment in advance).

Directeur du Chemin de Fer, "Avis au Public"
(Thiés, December 3, 1936)

Special rates were made available for anyone headed to the "Foire Exposition de Dakar" held from December 20, 1936 to January 24, 1937.