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Buffets de Bamako et Koulikoro (1931-1932)
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M. Jacquin had the contract to operate the hotel-restaurants (buffet-hotel) at the railroad stations of Bamako and Koulikoro. In 1931, he asked permission to close the Buffet-Hotel de Koulikoro because of the lack of business. He argued that the rail-river transportation connection was such that Europeans could stay in Bamako, and there was ample automobile service between the two locations. When describing the poor business conditions in Koulikoro, Jacquin does not mention any African business at the hotel.

Lt Gouverneur du Soudan Français Fousset à Directeur du Chemin de Fer,
letter n°571A/E (Koulouba, October 2, 1931)

In a long letter, the Governor recommends that the hotel-restaurant in Koulikoro be required to stay open, for fear that other parties would want to renegotiate their part of the contract signed on March 16, 1931.

M. Jacquin of Les Cinemas Maurice to Directeur du Chemin de Fer Thiès-Niger
(Dakar, August 22, 1931)

Jacquin asks for permission to close the Buffet-Hotel de Koulikoro. His lawyer is M. Lucquiaud. Jacquin wrote that when he took possession of the hotel on April 4, 1931, he expected to earn 75,000 francs per year, but now realizes that he was in error. He also mentions "les divers gérants européens ou indigènes" (various European and African entrepreneurs) who all failed at Koulikoro.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer to Gouverneur du Soudan Français,
letter n°531C (Thiès, January 19, 1932)

A hearing on January 18, 1932 resolved nothing. The Directeur du Chemin de Fer recommended keeping the Buffet-Hotel de Koulikoro open "comme regulateur du prix" (to regulate prices). Jacquin's present contract ended on January 31, 1932, and both he and de Livry (proprietar of the Hotel Lido in Bamako) were invited to submit bids on a new contract by January 26, 1932.