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Other letters concerning the 1947-1948 railroad strike
in ANM K 70 fonds recents

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Chef de Service de l'Agriculture, "Note pour Gouverneur du Soudan Français," n°1474 (Bamako October 9, 1947)

The 1947 harvest was poor because of too little rainfall.

"Protocol de reprise de travail" (March 1948)

This is the text of the agreement that followed discussions in March 1948 and led to the end of the 1947-1948 railroad strike. It adhered to the text of the "Comité Arbitral du 31 Octobre 1947." The African participants in the discussion included Fal Aynina (Chemin de Fer Abidjan-Niger), Sarr Ibrahima (Chemin de Fer Dakar-Niger), A. Diop (Chemin de Fer Conakry-Niger) and Dravo Houenou (Chemin de Fer Benin-Niger). It is signed by the President du Conseil d'Administration de la Regie Nicolas and the vice-president, Gavot.

Inspecteur de Travail Larrue, "Note d'Information," n°528/ITSC (Bamako, October 19, 1948)

Between September 1 and October 15, 202 employees were fired from the railroad. Of those, 75 were in "Secteurs Public et Privé." 52 went to the Bureau d'Inspection to obtain new positions and 36 were hired immediately.