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Correspondances relative a l'evacuation des populations indigènes et Européens (Dakar, 1924-1939)
in ANM K 65 fonds recents

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Administrateur p.i. de la Circonscription de Dakar, to Gouverneur du Soudan Français,
letter n°313DN (Dakar, June 16, 1936)

This is the first letter on the subject of evacuating Dakar's population in the event of war.

Administrateur p.i. de la Circonscription de Dakar to Gouverneur du Soudan Français,
n°559 (Dakar, December 16, 1937)

Plans called for the evacuation of 500 European women and old people, plus 500 European children. They also planned to move 600 Sarakole, 800 Kassonke and 6,000 Bambara. The report says the total was about 7,000, but I don't understand why. In any case, it mentions the potential problems to find enough space and food for so many people on short notice.

Gouverneur Général de l'AOF to Gouverneur du Soudan Français,
telegram n°67FS (Dakar May 19, 1938)

The government made plans to evacuate the population of Dakar towards the interior in the event of war. Because there was enough building space to house everyone, plus the government in Thiès, they made plans to move all the way to the Soudan and eventually to Segou.

Signed by L. Geismar, Gouverneur Secretaire General


This file contains four folders, each of which contains correspondance for a different cercle. These notes are from the folder for Dakar and a second folder contains notes for Bamako. There are also two folders on correspondance concerning Bambouck in 1924 and 1925, but they do not have anything to do with strike preparation. It is unclear why they are included in this file.