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Chambre de Commerce, Interesés des prix de transport navétanes à aller (1933)
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This file includes a variety of letters from Chambers of Commerce concerning their contribution to the fund for navétane rail transport and food. A number of Chambers, such as that from Rufisque, apologized because they cannot contribute as much in 1933 as they did in 1932.

Chef de Bureau des Finances to Chef de Bureau Affaires Économiques,
telegram/letter n°1235F (July 6, 1932)

This letter is a reponse to letter from the Bureau des Affaires Économiques dated June 28, 1932. It gives the number of navétane tickets sold in the spring of 1932 and the amount of cash they brought in, by cercle.

Cercle Number of tickets sold Total francs collected Avg. cost per ticket
Kayes 2,383 72,391.60 30.38
Bafoulabé 1,792 64,020.00 35.73
Kita 1,036 46,668.20 45.05
Bamako 1,051 57,805.00 55.00
Total 6,262 240,884.80 38.47