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Chemin de Fer, transports navétanes et divers (1932)
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This file contains extracts of some Cercle reports pertaining to navétanes.

Administrateur en Chef du Cercle de Nioro De Coutouly,
extrait de rapport économique de la 2ième trimestre 1932
(Nioro, June 30, 1932)

One problem with encouraging navétane labor is that the strongest workers go to Senegal. The people who remain behind are barely able to feed themselves.

Extrait du Procés Verbal de la Séance du 27 Juillet 1932 du Conseil des Notables du Cercle de Bamako

Navétanes who leave the cercle don't pay taxes, especially those from Kolokani and Koulikoro. Local African leaders (Notables) want to be told where their people go and want the Senegalese authorities to force them to return at the end of the season.

Extrait du Procés Verbal de la Séance du 27 Avril 1932
du Syndicat de Defense des Interéts de la Cote Occidentale d'Afrique

The Assemblies of Senegal, Soudan and Sine-Saloum each provided 100,000 francs to compensate the railroad for losses on the navétane fares and to provide improved food for the navétanes.

Among the members of the Syndicat, there are Henry Maurel of Maurel et Prom, and M. de Pinos, who represented Ets. Ch. Peyrissac & Cie.