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Miscellaneous Reports (1904-1905)
in ANM K 12 fonds anciens

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There were a lot of plans for various construction projects in 1904. Among them were the Gare Fluviale (railroad station at the Niger River edge) at Koulikoro (dated February 15, 1904), water systems for Koulikoro and Toukoto, chalk factories at Toukoto (August 1, 1904), water system at Bagonké (August 1, 1904), water at Dinguira (August 15, 190), chalk factory at Dinguira (August 1, 1904), water system for Bamako (September 14, 1904), railroad stations at at Koulikoro and Massala (September 5, 1904), the Mediné railroad siding (November 1904), a reservoir at Kaffa between Kayes and Mahina (November 6, 1904), and the construction of a Decauville (narrow gauge) railroad line sand quarry at Paparah, four kilometers east of Kayes (October 15, 1904).

In 1905, the Chemin de Fer Kayes-Niger received a camera sometime between September 17 and early November 1905. See Rougier's report complaining that it didn't arrive, and Rougier, "Rapport au sujet de l'Exploitation et Travaux Executés pendant le 3ième trimestre" (which includes faded photos of buildings under construction in Bamako)

Rougier, "Rapport au sujet de l'application de la loi du 30 Juin 1903 concernant l'attribution de la medaille Coloniale" (Kayes, August 4, 1905).

The French regularly awarded the medaille coloniale to their personnel. Everyone on Missions d'études before 1900 received it, and the report says that the personnel from two subsequent missions that deserved it. Even African tirailleurs, medical assistants and interpreters on the mission received a medal.