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"Budget annexe du Chemin de Fer Kayes-Niger
Compte definitif de l'‚xercice 1904"
in ANM K 12 fonds anciens

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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This tabler shows a breakdown of receipts and expenses for 1904.

Income from railroad operations 1,740,521.15
Other income 1,874,058.78
Subsidy from the government of the colony of Soudan 917,000
Government subsidy for the Military Engineers 168,000
Government subsidy for railroad construction 500,000
Loan from the State Treasury 1,814,000.00
Receipts from the previous fiscal year 571,576.56
Total 7,685,151.49

Military personnel 418,398.54
Salaries for maintenance and new construction 2,428,596.83
Material for maintenance and new construction 1,668,867.87
Debt service 1,417,000.00
Expenses from the last fiscal year 537,079.73
TOTAL 5,945,430.93