anm document

"Rapport du Colonel Rougier, Directeur du
Chemin de Fer de Kayes à Niger, transmissif
de la 2ième partie du compte d'administration - statistique
Exercice 1904. Résultants de l'Exploitation"
in ANM K 12 fonds anciens

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(p1) Section de Voie : A total of 28 locomotives covered a total of 881,446 kilometers over a line that grew in length from 385 to 553 kilometers in the course of the year. New locomotives of type "Colonel Klobb" (18.5 tons) were added to the "Huvenoits" (15 tons), "Marchis" (10 tons) and "Kipps" (10 tons) already in service. The ligne Decauville (narrow gauge line used for construction) used some 26-ton locomotives.

(p2) There were two trains per day in each direction between Kayes and Mediné, pulled by small Marchi engines. Each had one mixed 1st/2nd class car, a 3rd class car, two 4th class "plateformes" (open flat car) and finally, a "fourgon" (baggage car) or plateforme for merchandise as needed.