anm document

"Rapport du Colonel Rougier, Directeur du
Chemin de Fer de Kayes à Niger,
au sujet des récompenses à accorder au
personnel du Chemin de Fer à l'occasion
de l'inauguration de la ligne Kayes-Bamako"
(Kayes, June 19, 1904)

in ANM K 12 fonds anciens

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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This document recommends rewards for railroad employees to celebrate the completion of the line. Top European officials received a Croix d'Honneur or a Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur . Lesser Europeans got the Êtoile Noire du Benin . Africans got gold or silver medals.

This is a list of the Africans who received medals, their position on the railroad, the number of years of service, the section where they worked and the type of medal they received.

Name Position Years of service Section Medal
Mahmady Diallo Nurse 10 Sante gold
Kankou Sidy Track foreman Since the beginning Travaux neuf gold
Demba N'Diaye Track foreman 13 Travaux neuf gold
Mahmody Keita Track worker 13 Travaux neuf gold
Bendiougou Keita Construction foreman 12 Travaux neuf gold
Sory Diakité Track foreman 11 Travaux neuf silver
Golé Kanté Blacksmith foreman 9 Travaux neuf silver
Bakary Diallo Masonry foreman 9 Travaux neuf silver
Gaba Koulibaly Blacksmith 8 Travaux neuf silver
Ahmadou Soumaré Blacksmith foreman 7 Travaux neuf silver
Demba Soussero Foreman 22 Voie gold
Masséga Diawara Foreman 22 Voie gold
Madi Coria Foreman 21 Voie gold
Sadio Diallo Foreman 18 Voie gold
Suré Diara Foreman 18 Voie gold
Diawara N'Diayes Chef macon 9 Voie gold
Sagui Diallo Foreman 17 Voie silver
Ali Mané Foreman 15 Voie silver
Fran (or Tran) Niara Foreman 15 Voie silver
Bakary Dembélé Quarry foreman 14 Voie silver
Ousman Sar Quarry foreman 5 Voie silver
Aly Demba Mechanic 19 Exploitation gold
Sembali Dabo Foundry worker 18 Exploitation gold
Balla Magassa Mechanic 17 Exploitation gold
Diery Kanté Foreman in Toukoto 15 Exploitation gold
Mahmadou N'Diaye Foreman in Kayes 14 Exploitation gold
Diéby Koumba Foreman in Mahina 17 Exploitation silver
Demba N'Gail Foundry assistant 15 Exploitation silver
Samba Soumaré Inspector 14 Exploitation silver
Makan Sako Foreman in Kayes 13 Exploitation silver
Waly Konaté Watchman 12 Exploitation silver
Kisma Dramé Stationmaster in Mediné 12 Exploitation silver
Bakary Samba Trainmaster 12 Exploitation silver
Boubou Sissoko Blacksmith 12 Exploitation silver
Dialla Diallo Trainmaster 11 Exploitation silver